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Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 3, 2016

ppt-jpeg42I had my morning all planned, tomorrow also. Susan and I met briefly this morning to review our roles in the plan and set everything in motion. This article was not in the plan. About one hour ago my brother posted the following on

“My name is Kent Dohse. I was diagnosed on November 28th, 2016 with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Typically, ALS patients have a 3 to 5 year life expectancy after the diagnosis. The purpose of this crowd funding page is to raise money to cover my Riluzole medication. Riluzole extends life and delays the need for a ventilator. I am also trying to raise money for Stem Cell Therapy which is showing great promise in relieving symptoms and extending life. This therapy in not covered by insurance and requires travel. I have a wonderful support system of friends, family and extended family which includes my daughter and two granddaughters. And never forget, my Lancome family.

May God bless us all and thank you for considering me.”

As the readers and friends of PPT and TANC ministries know, our posts are usually accompanied by provocative titles, but not this morning; this post is simply titled, “Kent.” After all, how do you put a title on your brother’s life? When the memories all cave in on you at once what would be the major theme? How do you prioritize 58 years of memories? If I attached a picture to this post, what snapshot of our lives would it be?

In my career, I suit up every day to serve the warriors; those who defend life by living their own despite death’s onslaught. I aid them in fighting for life. I fight with them. Though I respect these people more than anyone else on earth, I would give anything for my brother to not be named among them. Nevertheless, here we are.

I love being 60; I love my life, and I love what I have learned. I am thankful for what my enemies have taught me as well. Though death is not a pleasant thought (Steve Jobs noted that Christians don’t even want to die to get into heaven), I wouldn’t go back to my youth unless I could take what I have learned with me. I have learned that my brother’s present condition is not God’s will. I have learned that God hates death. The Bible states plainly that death and disease are the enemies of God, and “death will be the last enemy defeated by God.” The Bible also promises that Christ will dry every tear that we have ever cried. I stake my life and everything that I am on that promise.

And I believe another truth found in the Bible: God is unlimited. God doesn’t have to control everything because He has no limitations and can bring good out of anything that happens. Nothing future can threaten God’s status. God created man as a living being, and then sin entered into the world. What was God’s response? He offered to make mankind His very family through the new birth in Christ. Evil limits itself for fear that God will bring good out of its sinful endeavors.

Some years ago, our family lost “grandma Whistman.” Something about her death continually haunted me; I never came to accept it. I never got over it or past it. Then I realized that’s ok because God doesn’t accept death either; it is His enemy. This is why we fight death to the bitter end; it is God’s enemy, plain and simple. Yes, death will be defeated by God in the end, but nevertheless, we give it no quarter in the present.

There is something else that our readers and friends know about us; we aren’t much about asking for money…until today. Kent has presented the need aptly, and presented you with an opportunity to meet a need. Our ministry by no means has a huge following, but I can tell you that one dollar a day for one month from every reader and friend would be a significant contribution to the need.

In the hope of His mighty name,




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