Paul's Passing Thoughts

Romans 12ff. Through the Eyes of a Disciple: The Four Models of Discipleship

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 30, 2016

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  1. John said, on October 30, 2016 at 1:36 PM

    Interesting and informative article. Food for thought; thank you, Paul.

    If we are not changeable, then I might as well go right now and jump off the nearest bridge and kill myself, and it would have no eternal consequence at all; in fact, denying that we do change at the New Birth amounts to throwing Jesus’ death and resurrection back in God’s face, saying, “What was that all about? That all you got?”

    The New Birth is just that…new! When Jesus said, “Ye must be born again,” He meant totally, spiritually NEW. He did not say, “Uh..[cough] need to be born again sort of…just a little part of you maybe..I don’t know…ask Calvin, peace be upon him, when he comes…”

    And as for having two natures; that is borderline mentally ill. What? Borderline?


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