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The Key to Bible Reading: Knowing Who You Are

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 29, 2016

ppt-jpeg41In addition to the good points made by Andy Young here on Bible reading, I would like to chime in as well. There is an epidemic of non-Bible-reading among professing Christians that is longstanding and the reason is simple: the church caste system predicated on truth as authority. Find truth on your own in the Bible if you will, but it is only legitimate if confirmed by elitist scholars. Protestant scholars say it all the time: the church has the final say on what is true or not true. “Authority” has been “vested in the elders of the local church.” So, why not just get it straight from the horse’s mouth? Whether Protestant or Catholic you don’t need your Bible; Protestantism merely skins the cat in a different way.

How does one define a biblical “disciple.” The word simply means, “learner.” Wait for it; this is the crux of the issue…does one learn directly from God, or mediators? While the Protestant philosopher kings themselves bemoan Bible illiteracy in our day remember this—this is the end result of hundreds of years of orthodoxy and God’s people being drowned in oceans of Protestant ink coming from the pens of church scholars. Like socialism, people keep doing it even though the results speak for themselves. And as the saying goes that’s the very definition of “insanity.” As Ronald Reagan once asked, “After four years are you better off?” Four years? The Reformers have had over 500!

Everybody agrees: professing Christians are biblically illiterate. Why? Because Christ’s assembly is a family body NOT an authoritative institution. The body works like all bodies: it’s a collective effort with ONE head. Elders are “overseers” who protect the body through the gift of discernment not multiple heads. Elders attend to prayer and the ministry of the word as watchmen on the wall—not the usurpers of Christ’s headship over the body.

Body wisdom, growth, God’s glory, and body joy will come only ONE way: a collective effort by all members in learning directly from the head! This is also known as the priesthood of believers. EVERY learner is to learn directly from the head and edify the rest of the body. That’s what a true disciple does. In group settings where God’s people come together in order to edify each other, elders lead that effort because they are gifted with discernment but are far from being the final word on all edification. They lead by example and stimulate edification from all members of the body.

That’s who you are as a disciple. You are to do your part in edifying the rest of the body. You are to study in order to show yourself approved. The present state of God’s body as reflected in the institutional church reminds me of the clients I serve; many have few body functions working properly. Spiritually speaking, the institutional church is full of dialysis machines, nebulizers, and wheelchairs. It not only depicts a one-star nursing facility, it actually claims that such decrepitness is the hallmark of spiritual maturity. Pastors of Protestant temples proclaim proudly Sunday after Sunday that Christians are a “train wreck” and “broken.”

In contrast, the Bible calls us to be a man that walks strongly in good health. In my line of work, we call this “homeostasis.”

That’s why you must study your Bible. It is your primary way of edifying others. You must see for yourself that a teaching is true. This is why orthodoxy denies a permanent indwelling of the Spirit that leads the INDIVIDUAL in “all truth.” If you are merely regurgitating orthodoxy, you are spreading disease in God’s body in contrast to edifying it.

That is our motivation for independent Bible study. This is our calling.



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  1. John said, on October 29, 2016 at 2:46 PM

    Who needs the Bible when one can have creeds, confessions, catechisms, synods, apologies, weird uninspired “Bibles,” typically biased commentaries such as the ESV “study” Bible, Protestant sermons from dangerously unstable “great saints” of the past, declarations, fables, etc? Honestly, puppets, who in his/her right mind has the need of the Bible when you have at your disposal the unsurpassed knowledge and demonic interpretations of mere men? I mean, come on! Who holds the keys to Heaven? Yes, the church and its agents, you unbelieving bunch of puppets. Calvin—peace be upon him—said so, so you’d better believe it. Sola Scriptura? Say whaaaaat?

    Here’s a brief look at the “Sola Scripturas” Protestant nonsense (and a few others) that have been added, thought up, devised, dreamed up, smoked up, etc., by men since God realized that He’d forgotten to tell us how to interpret the Bible that He had originally given us. Did God say, “Ups-a-daisy; let me perform my biggest act yet…the Reformation!”? No, no, and NO. Reformation=God? NO.

    Incidentally, tomorrow is “Reformation Day.” So, put that candle in your pumpkin and pray those devils away; the real devils…the ones who think they have complete power and authority over you because evil men have told them so. And read your Bible by using the wonderful mind that God has given you. And think for yourself.

    Here’s an abridged list of Sola Scripturas (Scripturae? Who cares?):

    The Apostles’ Creed, Creed of Nicaea, The Nicene Creed, The Athanasian Creed, The definition of Chalcedon, The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople, The Creed of Aristides of Athens, The Creed of Cyprian of Carthage, The Baptismal Creed of Jerusalem, The Concept of Cologne.

    The Canons of the Council of Orange, The Augsburg Confession, Apology of the Augsburg Confession (sigh), The Smalcald Articles (Luther), The Book of Concord (The Confessions of the Lutheran Church), The Scottish Confession of Faith, The Second Helvetic Confession, The Thirty-Nine Articles, Saxon Visitation Articles, The Irish Articles of Religion, The Reaffirmed Consensus of the Trinity Lutheran Faith, The Confession of the Waldenses, The Definite Platform (as opposed to what?), The Canons of Dordt, The Belgic Confession, The Westminster Confession of Faith, The Baptist Confession of Faith, History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, The Discretionary Power of the Church, The Reformed Faith (an “exposition” of the Westminster farce), The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order, Hans Denchk’s confession before the Council of Nuremberg, The Dordrecht Confession, The Confession of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, The Confession of the Free Evangelical Church of Geneva, The Confession of the Free Italian Church (did not see this one coming), The Auburn Declaration, Auburn Affirmation (PCUSA), Book of Confessions (PCUSA), Living Faith; A statement of Christian Belief (PCC), Cambridge Platform, The Sixty-seven Articles of Ulrigh Zwingli, The Evangelical Counsel of Ansbach, Ten Conclusions of Berne, First Helvetic Confession, The Consensus of Geneva, first Scotch Confession, Craig’s Catechism, Second Helvetic Confession, Gallican Confession, 1689 Second London Confession of Faith, Walcheren Articles, and a gazillion more.

    Catechism for Young Children, The Children’s Catechism, The Westminster Shorter Catechism, The Westminster Larger Catechism (a must-have…not), The Heidelberg Catechism (containing full scripture proofs, mind you…foolproof), Fisher’s Catechism, Catechism of the Church of Geneva

    For Whom Did Christ Die? (John Owen and some Puritan vitriol), The Geneva Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan), Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (Edwards), George Whitefield Collection (59 sermons from this personal spokesman of God!), Institutes of the Christian Religion (Calvin, peace be upon him. Listen, if you don’t have this baby, you have nothing!), The American Colonist’s Library, The Cambridge Declaration, The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, The 95 Theses, The TABLE-TALK of Martin Luther, The Saint’s Everlasting Rest, Calvin’s Calvinism (yep; even the devil is inconsistent), Works of Jonathan Edwards, God’s Way of Peace, The Valley of Vision (a Puritan collection emphasizing what a lowly worm you are; a big hit with Protestant ladies; don’t even ask)…and, of course, Fifty Shades of Grey (because not a single “Christian” woman would confess to reading this filth; oh, and because the main character is named “Christian,” and so one can argue it’s a modern-day Pilgrim’s Progress or however they want to justify reading/watching it.)

    There you have it. Pick one, anyone. The chances are 100% that you’ll pick something unbiblical. Read and diligently study your Bible and stay away from man’s interpretive nonsense; rely on the counsellor (the Holy Spirit) to guide you through His word, and rely on mature, born-again Christians to help you, counsel you, explain to you as you grow in the knowledge of our God, and as you live a life worthy of being called a born-again Christian. And always praise God for the one who SAVED you and me, Jesus Christ. And pray for your unsaved friends, always. And damn Reformation Day, but embrace the truth of God, and rather thank Him that He sent His Son.

    Paul, thank you for your article; it dislodged a small avalanche in my mind. I am so sorry.


  2. republican mother said, on October 29, 2016 at 8:01 PM

    I feel like such a weirdo when I try to go to church and start quoting/referencing the Bible (kjv, as it is in my head.) Last time I went, the sermon was about the KJV being a great translation, but some people think you’re not saved of you don’t use it. Also, he hit on CCM and how some people think you’re not saved if you’re into that. I felt like this was aimed at me, as I had commented to someone that I only use my KJV, Strong’s, and a Bible Atlas. I was trying to make the point that there are no end to the “christian” book studies that can be done. I’ve never thought that Christians who read other Bibles are necessary unsaved, and CCM listeners aren’t lost- just dumb with no taste.

    True story: we had the radio on ccm and when it got to that song “breathing into your grace” blah blah, I freaked out and told the kids we’d be getting our Satanism straight up, and flipped it to alternative rock. It was playing Johnny Cash’s “God’s Goin’ Cut You Down”, which was more biblical than the new agey, whiny pap we had been listening to. Kids, it is truly the end times!

    Anyway, this guy was preaching out of Philippians about those who preach for envy/strife purposes, but these neo- cals are the types Paul is speaking out against, cloaked in their phony humility act.

    I started at this church last summer, and thought I’d found the last of the non-zombied Wal-Mart churches. Looks like the new pastor is trying to incrementally phase on the Lordship agenda. Drat.

    I really can’t have fellowship in the regular church because they don’t know the Bible as well as I do (not bragging, just read it a few times and persued individual study as lead bt the Holy Ghost). They know platitudes and such, but can’t really hold a conversation with me for too long, nor do they want to. I was so disappointed when I tried the new women’s fellowship group that met in a home was nothing more than a video/workbook session. I mean, come on!!!

    Thank goodness for YouTube and blogs such as these that give me new and exciting areas to think on! My 17 yo really loves applying what she learned in logic to your posts here. I think she stayed up all night reading it!

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    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 30, 2016 at 5:50 AM

      Right, not sure if Susan listens to Christian radio anymore but she knows not to turn it on when I am in the car. In our first year of marriage, she would turn that thing on and I would be coming unglued inside of ten minutes.

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    • John said, on October 30, 2016 at 7:49 AM

      Republican Mother, you have written some excellent lines, such as, “…but these neo-cals are the types Paul is speaking out against, cloaked in their phony humility act …. I started at this church last summer, and thought I’d found the last of the non-zombied Wal-Mart churches. Looks like the new pastor is trying to incrementally phase on the Lordship agenda. Drat.”
      Yours are the kind of truths I like hearing, as it proves to me that people are waking up to this and other evils.

      You also wrote, “I really can’t have fellowship in the regular church…”
      There it is! You and thousands more feel the same. The reason? The Protestant “church” and its message of death, death, and some more death and misery. Who is the father of death?


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