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I’m a Special Kind of Worm

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on October 7, 2016

Originally published April 16, 2015

Suffice it to say that I have many Facebook “friends” who are unabashedly reformed in their theology.  As a result I am constantly bombarded with status updates in my newsfeed like this one:

aaron jaffee self promoting

Blech!  This is so dripping with syruppy arrogance it makes me sick.

See, there are two things about posts like this that just irritate me to no end. Aside from the tacit tip of the the hat to the false doctrine of total depravity, it is just outright self-promotion under a very poorly-executed pretense of self-deprecation.

And Christians wonder why the unsaved find Christians so offensive…


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  1. John said, on October 8, 2016 at 8:17 AM

    Yes, your Facebook “friend” (Andy, you have the weirdest “friends” on that thing!) is in effect saying how wonderful and special he is; it’s an age old Calvinist thing (being of the elect, elitists, “learned” and all that), this false humility (just like “mother” Teresa, exactly the same!). He is boasting that God is using him in “many ways,” mind you, and not just in one little way, like spreading the true biblical Gospel (which is clearly not one of the “many” ways; it can’t be, as they don’t believe the common person’s little “whosoever” gospel and hence believe in another jesus)), but in “many” other ways.

    I’d love to know what these “many” ways are. Works? Volunteering? Tithing? Sunday School indoctrination? Is he an elder and so thinks he holds salvation in his hands? Headship? Lording it over women? Leading Paul Washer indoctrination camps? Promoting the false teacher MacArthur? Telling people that God is the author of sin and elevating RC Sproul to hero status? Leading people into deeper trouble via the ungodly ACBC and its vile methods? Telling others how bad they are, and that they are going to hell because they dare question his God’s “sovereignty”? Yes, I am postulating, of course, and this list is loooong.

    Aw, but then he reminds the world (it’s Facebook, remember; the world’s Bragbook), that he is actually unworthy, in other words, just a worm (as you’ve pointed out). he can’t do anything by himself, that’s what his rotten theology teaches. He is a modern-day Pharisee. Strange that he chose facebnook to tell the world how unworthy he is (he had no conflict of choice there).

    True born-again Christians have been given the right to be called Children of God (1 John 3), and that is not an unworthy position, is it? No.

    Born-again Christian don’t brag about being a new creation; once we were saved, all things became new, and we know that all things are of God; we are now reconciled to God completely. Is that an unworthy position?

    In John 15 he calls those close to him brothers; yes, another “unworthy” state, or what? Of course, we are not talking buddy boy brothers, but we refer to Jesus as a brother in the most reverent and careful manner. Yes, we can marvel that He calls us His brothers and sisters, but only He is Lord; we know that!

    Back to the lowly worm. Ya, nothing changed in your Facebook’s friends life then, it seems, as when we were unsaved, then we were lowly worms and unworthy and all those things. But Jesus has justified us ONCE, saved us ONCE; we are heaven bound; we know our place, we are part of the body of Christ; we have direct access to God; we are the salt and the light of the world, etc,….lowly?

    Indeed, that is why the unsaved find Christians so offensive; sadly, it’s mostly the Calvinist/Reformed cult that the unsaved are exposed to mostly, and that’s the “god” atheists like Dawkins tear to pieces. It’s time for us to speak up, speak out, and show the lost the way to the true Christ.

    We are not unworthy; we are not worms. We are God’s, for goodness’ sake!

    Maybe this “friend” of yours is saved, and I hope he realizes it soon.


    • Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on October 8, 2016 at 9:00 AM

      “Andy, you have the weirdest “friends” on that thing!”

      Hahaha, yes I can see where you’d say that. You know what is really funny? (And maybe not so much funny as it is sad.) These guys who say these things are simply parroting the stuff that they have been brainwashed to believe. I really don’t see how anyone comes to these conclusions on their own through rational thought. You have to be conditioned to think this way through constant force-feeding of orthodoxy.


      • John said, on October 8, 2016 at 9:35 AM

        Indoctrination, without a doubt. Calvinists have huge libraries (aren’t they all intellectually superior worms?) filled with Reformed/Calvinist propaganda/nonsense (every one I know, at least) and long bookmark lists on their PCs with Calvinist/Reformed links. They feed one another all the time, Calvinist bloggers especially.

        I suspect they a competition, something like “This month’s worm award goes to…” And boy, do they compete hard to get that award, the prize is usually fresh humble pie; no, rather the latest Sproul/MacArthur book or something from “Wretched” (Todd Friel, who slipped into full blown Reformed “theology” faster than one can say predestination backwards. Pity.)

        And, of course, the weekly indoctrination camp on Sundays is the highlight and the main brainwashing session. I know a “church” where the slaves have “permission” to go home after the morning service, on the condition that they report back to Camp Cult three hours later (not the evening service) to receive more special instructions and special words from Calvin, peace be upon him. No joke, Andy. The elders/pastors actually “suggested” that their subjects bring lunch to church, not to share; heck no, but to make sure that they are there and don’t go running off and think for themselves and maybe do something, I don’t know…fun?. It is spelled C O N T R O L.


  2. Timothy Smith said, on October 8, 2016 at 6:43 PM

    Love your banter. Really appreciate both of your contributions to TANC. So thankful to Paul’s ministry!


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