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The Protestant Life without Answers: WHAT We Believe Versus WHY We Believe It

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 12, 2016

ppt-jpeg4I was reminded yesterday why Protestants have fewer answers for life’s problems than the world, and how bad situations are made worse by Protestant elitists. In fact, we hear weekly how the biblical counseling arm of Protestantism, ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) even makes good situations bad. Married couples, especially young ones, hear how sinful they are every week in church leading them to seek counsel; six to twelve months later they are in divorce court. This is an absolute epidemic in Protestant land. Moreover, ACBC refuses to stop recommending counselors who verbally abuse counselees and have a litany of unresolved conflict with many, many families.

As some of you know, I retired from the electronic security industry circa six years ago, but still play around with the work part time. I have a handful of accounts that I maintain for grandchild expenses etc. Yesterday, a problem presented itself, but I was not left helpless because I don’t only know WHAT I know about electronic security, I know the WHY of the WHAT.

Protestants only know WHAT the elitists tell them, but not WHY—it’s an expert thing, they wouldn’t understand. Likewise, one of the major themes of the Nazi Party during WW2 was the whole idea that faith is a matter of the heart, not knowledge. Faith in what? Answer: God’s appointed authorities. Regardless of things going to hell in a handbasket at breakneck speed, the German people could only continue to take orders from those who got them into the situation to begin with.

But which authority among the many that make such a claim? Well, according to many Protestant scholars, the paramount virtue in God’s eyes is submitting to some authority even if it is wrong. The populous are so unable, that even wrongness is at least orderly while the cardinal sin is unwillingness to submit to some authority in order to prevent a “free for all” (chaos).

I was reminded of this yesterday when I sent test signals to central station from an account location. I sent an open/close report, but the central station receiver deciphered it as a burglar alarm. False alarms are bad and put people at risk; take it from someone who walked out the front door of a jewelry store in the 90’s and was greeted by a swat officer pointing an M16 at my head.

Point is, when central station informed me that the open/close report was coming in as a burglary, I knew right away what the problem was unlike many techs that are like Protestants. This is a huge problem in the alarm industry; techs are taught what number to put in a numbered field, viz, “Put a 2 in field 43,” but they have no clue WHY they put a 2 in 43, they only know that they do it because that’s what they were told to do by the software geeks who publish the orthodoxy.

I knew right away that the onsite alarm panel was not talking in Contact ID format to central station. So, I pressed #43 to look at what was in that field. A “7,” the number for Contact ID was not in there, but rather a “9” which is the programing number for Radionics 4×2 on a Vista 15P control panel. So, I pressed *43-7-and *99 to exit programming. Problem solved. I was able to fix the problem because I know WHY we do what we do on a Vista 15P panel, not merely what someone told me. Whoever originally installed the panel either made a mistake or was misinformed. But when the what isn’t the right what, and you do not know the why, you can’t fix the wrong what. You don’t even know what the fields are or how they function; the fields are just numbers that require numbers to be entered in.

Protestants would be more consistent if they had a good grasp on what a Protestant is. Because the Neo-Protestant Resurgence has not completely taken over the church at this point, some confused Protestants think results matter. In reality; in authentic Protestant ideology, concerns over results question the very essence of God that supposedly defines Him; His sovereignty. Hence, the confused Protestant seeks solutions and ends up putting many different numbers in field 43 until something starts working right. We call that “Christian radio.” If Protestants had any more wherewithal than the “good Germans” of WW2, they would already know that a 7 belongs in field 43 regardless of what anyone tells them. But remember, “knowing” is “puffed up” and rejects God’s sovereign will and those whom He has put in authority over us. Yes, as we are told, following Christ is a “matter of the heart” and not knowledge.

Protestant elitist scholars often deceive by using the word “authority” and “leadership” interchangeably when the two words are mutually exclusive of each other. Like the word “church polity” being a soft term for “church government,” “leadership” is often used as a term to soften, “those who have the rule over you.” As parents we often fail to lead our children because authority is a shortcut that circumvents the hard work of leadership: “Dad, why? ‘Because I said so.’” Leadership is followed through the persuasion of knowledge shared; authority is followed for no other reason than someone says something is true because they say God has appointed them as authorities over you. To claim knowledge is the epitome of arrogance and pride also revealed by some concern over bad results.

You put in field 43 what they tell you to put in there, and if a cop dies in a car accident going in some direction that he would have not normally been going in, or if a surprised technician raises his hands still holding a hot glue gun and gets capped between the eyes with a rifle round—God’s will—ahmen.

That is the utter insanity of what we call Protestantism. That’s the WHAT; we must know WHY, and the WHAT and WHY of a better way.



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  1. V.D. said, on September 12, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    This article is very accurate. I have noticed that a number of people (either in your comments) or in my life have serious complaints and reservations about the unbiblical ABCB movement. Isn’t it time to expose that movement for what it is, once and for all? Its poisonous tentacles are everywhere in North America and elsewhere.made all the worse by the fact that it is built on the false gospel and heretical rantings of Calvinism and Reformed nonsense.


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