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TANC Statement on Present Issue with Pleasant View Bible Church in Warsaw, Indiana

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on August 15, 2016

tanc-logo-blockPaul Dohse on behalf of TANC Ministries:

Per what has become a common service here at TANC Ministries, we have been approached by a fellow Christian for counsel and support regarding the “church discipline” issue.

Our goal is not to fix the one who has come to us for help, but our only question follows: is the church using “church discipline” to persecute a Christian in the name of God and pseudo love bombing? If the answer is “yes,” we are a willing advocate for the persecuted brother or sister.

Using condemnation for any and every fault to cover for some issue that challenges the authority of spiritual despots will not dissuade this ministry from standing with those who are falsely accused in the name of God.

But with me, after witnessing the destruction of many families wrought by the Neo-Calvinist movement and its progressive justification gospel, it’s personal. To a large degree, the Neo-Calvinist movement, which has all but completely taken over mainstream evangelicalism, is driven by YRRs (young, restless, reformed) coming out of schools like Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Be sure of this: if not for American jurisprudence there would be a Neo-Calvinist police force making sure everyone is in church on Sunday morning just like the former city that the YRRs lust for in their dreams; John Calvin’s Geneva.

When I contact one of these YRR boy pastors on behalf of someone who has come to us for help, and they treat me like everyone else in their life that fears their authority that is the product of their own visions of grandeur, it becomes personal. Such is the case with “Pastor” Michael Hontz of Pleasant View Bible Church in Warsaw, Indiana.

In our dialogue with people who are members there thus far, one major theme constantly emerges: the authority of the elders and Michael Hontz in particular. This theme is predicated by a fear that rivals anything I have ever seen in churches that are being slowly assimilated into Neo-Calvinism and its false progressive justification gospel.

Let’s be clear: our only authority is Jesus Christ, and He will not share His glory with another and that includes His authority. Christ made it clear that ALL authority in heaven and earth has been given to him, and elders are a gift to the church like all other spiritual gifts, not a lordship by proxy.

YRR spiritual despots have persuaded many that they have been given authority over salvation by Christ, hence the fear we are seeing at PVBC. Of course, Hontz never frames it that way, but like all YRRs he has assimilated the idea into the minds of the congregants through nuance. We have witnessed several statements coming out of PVBC that proffer the idea that the authority of the elders must be obeyed regardless of individual understanding of the Scriptures. Even some of the elders are confused about the full implications of this doctrine as revealed in a long conversation we had with one of the PVBC elders. That conversation is documented and very telling.

While Hontz will continue to feed the Neo-Calvinism elephant to PVBC congregants a bite at a time, we fully intend to pull the whole elephant out in full view of the congregation and any other congregation that might be deceived by him. This we will do by all legal and spiritual means at our disposal.

Paul Dohse



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