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Jewish Lives Matter: The Coming Millennial Kingdom; Part 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 29, 2016

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ppt-jpeg4Part 3: Whatever Happened to Goodness?

In the first two parts, mankind is put in a very poor light because of indwelling sin. Man is pictured as enslaved to control-lust. This lends credence to Dominion Theology which is a lie. So, it is time to balance the first two parts with biblical information.

First, Dominion Theology has been the way of the world and the primary applied politic from the very beginning of time. It is the elitist philosopher class ruling over the great unwashed masses for the collective good. In all cases, the knowers are appointed by God to, according to one well-known evangelical, “save God’s people from ignorance.” And if they are to save God’s people from ignorance, how much more the rest of the world?

Remember, this necessarily requires the idea that God has established His kingdom on earth as a prerequisite to utopia. The command in the Bible to have dominion over the earth supposedly includes other men, so; argumentation over who really understands God fosters plenty of wars in and of itself aside from the other numerous issues that evolve from the basic premise. Research history for yourself; the original question, “Has God really said?” fueled innumerable religious wars and will continue to do so. Though Americanism greatly disrupted historical business-as-usual, the book of Revelation tells us that mankind will return to the pagan-state (prior to the 4th century) / church-state (post 4th century) construct with a vengeance.

Whether secular or religious, it is a theology of dominion because it separates knowledge from the common man and makes truth property of the state. Truth is always found in some higher power that appoints select classes of people to rule over others on the higher power’s behalf whether that is God, gods, Mother Nature, or “The Force.”

That’s the politic: the marriage of faith and force. The politic comes from sin which desires to enslave all things and indwells mankind prompting him to do the same. But does that mean mankind is totally depraved and in need of knowers to manage his misery? No, actually, according to the Bible, mankind is good enough to have an internal conflict with sin. Romans 2 states,

14 For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them 16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.

People in general are conflictive. They have indwelling sin and indwelling law. The latter makes the individual capable and in many instances a force for good. This is what the founders of Americanism hit upon for the first time in human history as opposed to the common total depravity construct. The Protestant claim that total inability is unique to Protestantism…is absurd.

Total depravity and deterministic caste have always been the business-as-usual politic of human history. Communism replaced the church-state void created by the American Revolution. Communism is merely an irreligious version of total depravity requiring an elite class of knowers to manage mankind’s misery. This may all be interpreted through the individualism versus collectivism question. What is the role of government? To maximize the individual’s internal work of God’s law, or manage his totally depraved misery?

Note in the aforecited Romans text that those who have never been exposed to the Bible will be judged by their internal law created in every person. The internal law of God executed by one’s conscience is part of the whole idea of being created in God’s image. Internal sin causes one to sin against God and others resulting in the conscience accusing them, or excusing them when they do well.

This ability to do well is what the founders of Americanism emphasized; i.e., individualism. Collectivism limits well-doing to the dictation of a small elitist class of people who rule over the masses. Of course, according to what they deem as being good according to their assessment of mankind in general. You do the math; it never ends well.

However, the founders of Americanism were primarily concerned with government’s relationship to the individual and contrary to popular belief, not the biblical gospel. As a foundation moving forward, we may say that the primary goal of the gospel (the good news of God’s kingdom) is not to be judged by any law, but rather to be guided by it.

If one is judged by the law, either God’s Bible or the internal law or both, it is impossible to distinguish between love and escape—love or self-preservation—restraint only to prevent judgement. However, if one cannot be judged by either law, if judgment is vanquished, if the law’s ability to condemn is eradicated, every upholding of the law must be grounded in the motive of love. With condemnation vanquished, the only possible motive still standing is love.

This is what the gospel does. It eliminates judgement and infuses the individual with a love for God’s law. And this is the difference between two kingdoms: the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness; their citizens. The former is called such because it is located in heaven and not on earth. It is yet future.

What is the state of being in regard to the citizens of each kingdom, and how does it apply to real life? And what do the Jews have to do with it? Because we are still laying the foundation the former will be further developed in the next part while the latter will be developed as we move forward.

How are the citizens of the kingdom of heaven removed from judgment and infused with a love for God’s law? How can their only motive be love, and why do they at times fall short of love?


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