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Christian Living Series Program 18 on Blog Talk Radio: 10 Basic Fundamentals of Parenting

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 15, 2016

Paul and Susan

Link to live broadcast: Sunday 1/17/2016 @ 5pm. 

After more than 500 years the Protestant “Reformation” has little to offer, if anything, in regard to wise and relevant living. This is because the Protestant gospel makes Christian living, the Christian life, an endeavor to obtain salvation. Life is a “race of faith” that is rewarded in the end by the prize of salvation. Hence, holy living that glorifies our Father is not the focus, but rather obtaining “final justification” through faithfulness to the “means of grace” found only in the institutional church.

BTR BORDERThe focus of TANC ministries is to get the ball rolling in the direction of individual Christians studying to show themselves as approved “workmen.” Individual Christians must break free from the traditions of men manifested in Protestant orthodoxy.

Susan and I hope this series on Christian living will get the ball rolling in that direction. As recovering Protestants, we must recognize that we know very little about wise biblical living because Protestantism has always redefined Christian living as an endeavor to obtain salvation by recognizing that we have no ability whatsoever to live holy lives. The penalty for sin was not only substituted, but our holy living is also supposedly substituted according to the Protestant gospel.

That must change.


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