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Before Protestantism There Was Happiness

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 28, 2016

TANC 2016

While attending recent training under the tutelage of a registered nurse, she was compelled to make the following statement invoked by the part of the training that focused on physiology: “Obviously we were created by God.” Yes, physiology alone proves God, but it then beckons the question of the ages…

Who is He?

Here at TANC ministries, we contend that every person is culpable before God to answer that question for themselves. We also contend that God has made the answer to this question obtainable to those who seek THE truth not A truth.

Though Protestantism claims historical uniqueness, it is just another version of ancient mythology which is grounded in the same basic construct. When you think in terms of mythology, do not think of a people shrouded in superstition and ignorance. In contrast, mythology sees reality as a metaphysical narrative written by God, gods, or some cosmic force. Because reality is a narrative (story) written by a god, of course, all events in the narrative are predetermined. The source of all determinism is narrative metaphysics.

Second, the gods, or a god, always write the story for their own self-love and glory. The created metaphysical story is always for the self-actualization of the gods.

Third, those in the story, the created beings, ONLY experience reality but do NOT participate in reality. The created beings don’t DO reality—reality is done to them. The experience of doing is really just an experience only; you are not really doing the doing. Martin Luther, like any other good swami, articulated this via the active/passive construct. Only God is active, the material world is strictly passive. What does that mean?

Take water for example. Until it is acted upon by an outside force, it remains in a normative state. Gravity causes it to move, and environmental temperature changes its normative state of being.

This is why Protestant scholars are so fond of the biblical story of Christ resurrecting Lazarus. This supposedly represents God’s action upon the passive material world. Likewise, they are equally endeared to a twisting of Christ’s discourse with Nicodemus; the material world is passive until the Spirit acts upon it like a blowing wind moves passive tree limbs. In regard to what Nicodemus did regarding the death of Christ, evangelical John MacArthur once said, “the wind blew.” Viz, Nicodemus didn’t really do the work of his own volition, like the rest of the material world he was a passive character in the narrative being acted upon by the author writing the story.

Protestantism is just the same old mythological song and dance that was hatched in the garden by the serpent and has spawned innumerable variants. It is the knowledge of good and evil: the material world is evil—only the invisible is good. Sure, sure, of course the Bible is inerrant according to Protestant mystics; it is a prototype of God’s “grand narrative” of redemption. If it is an instruction book for love that makes you active in the narrative…that is the quintessential false gospel according to Protestantism and every other garden variety religion, pun intended.

This is why the theme of this year’s 2016 TANC conference is so apt. We need an exodus that seeks the truth about who God really is. He is love, and He probably created mankind for the express purpose of propagating happiness. The God of happiness intends to put happiness on display and wants it to be experienced in unlimited proportions for eternity.

We invite you to be challenged. We invite you to question the presuppositions of ancient mythology.


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