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Protestantism and “Good Germans” | It’s ALL About AUTHORITY

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on April 19, 2016

10312811_GThe biannual Neo-Protestant T4G conference was bigger than ever this year. Captivating was images of thousands of pastors walking past the SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) protestors with visible indifference.  Snap is performing its service in Protestant circles now as child rape is no longer exclusively Catholic.

All in all, whether Protestant or Catholic, the powers that be need only to wait until the protests die—they know it will all pass and business as usual will return. Why? Because they understand the authority issue. They understand that when it is all said and done, Catholics and Protestants alike are “good Germans.” The Urban Dictionary defines the term this way: “A citizen of Nazi Germany who participated in or overlooked atrocities while denying personal moral responsibility by appeal to his submission to supposedly legitimate authority.”

In a recent dialogue with a young man who was once mentored by Susan and me, he explained his conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism this way: Catholicism was first and long before Protestantism. The Church began in Rome. It’s a matter of authority. If everyone would submit to the true church, there wouldn’t be all of these denominations spawned by the Reformation. Obviously, it is massive disunity. Of course the Church is not perfect, but it is anointed by God.

By the way, those in the Protestant church we were a member of set out to save this young man from our “dangerous teachings.” Now they are beside themselves that he has converted to Catholicism which is actually closer to the truth than Protestantism when it gets right down to it; at least the Thomist aspect of Catholicism.

And let us not forget, both are predicated on perpetual resalvation (progressive justification) that can only be found in an institutional church. Church, whether Protestant or Catholic, is moneyed-up because they are in the salvation business. What will people pay for their eternal salvation? Everything they have. Look around; nothing is more obvious. Money is invested in infrastructure (not people) because infrastructure invokes and speaks to what? Right, AUTHORITY. This explains everything going on in the church.

Sure, many Germans disagreed with the genocide, but where would the world be without Germany? They were in Germany and under the total control of the Nazis; what choice did they have? Sure, no one agrees with child rape, but where would we obtain our salvation apart from the Church? And after all, there is no perfect church and we are all just…”sinners saved by Grace.” If the Church’s dirty laundry is displayed to the world, they will be dissuaded from the Church and subsequent salvation. We can’t have that.

This is why, for example, the outrageous ABWE scandal is now forgotten history and it is business as usual in the GARB churches. A pity what happened, but the source of salvation must not be cut off because of a sinful few that got caught. This was plainly stated numerous times when the scandal was getting press.

The problem with the Bible follows: its simplicity escapes us. When Christ said that “ALL” authority in heaven and EARTH has been given to Him and only Him—that’s exactly what He meant. No matter how many times the apostles stated that there is only ONE mediator between God and man, we just don’t seem to get it.

But you can be sure of this: ALL good Germans will be held accountable. Read some history; the plight of the German people after WWII is excruciatingly painful to read.

But if that was from those who speak on earth, how much more from Him who speaks from heaven?


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  1. John said, on April 20, 2017 at 5:37 PM

    Yes, Paul, it’s because these devils instruct their disciples that going to church is the ticket to heaven (how important does that make them elders feel? Organize me a rodeo, thanks). Church (not the body of believers) is elevated to godly status. Draw me a donut, please, but I KNOW; you KNOW what goes on behind those closed doors of the homes of those in the Calvinist/Reformed/Lutheran/Protestant CULT. But come Sunday, there they are: All in a row, filling those fancy pews…sinners being saved by grace, and forking out bucks for the undeserved “privilege” and “grace.” And the “men” exchanging Paul Washer DVDs in the carpark afterward. Please, draw me another donut. One with two holes.

    However, if one cared to look closely, one would be able to see the bruises on the wife; the bruises on the daughters; the scars in the daughters’ faces; the pain in their hearts; the wounds on the inside; the fear…

    We need to pray for the innocent ones. I have seen the damage; so have you. It’s evil.But in Christ, there is always hope.

    The world is slowly waking up to this diabolical mess. Thank God; no, really, thank Him.


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