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Tonight at 7pm

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on March 11, 2016

blog-radio-logo“Ok, we will get to this later, but this is the Reformed definition of the new birth. Instead of the new birth happening once, the Christian invokes the new birth continually by using the Bible for the sole purpose of bringing one’s self to despair (death), and consequently experiencing joy (resurrection), and thereby keeping one self-saved. It’s an official Protestant doctrine called, “mortification and vivification.” Obviously, in order to use the law for purposes of self-condemnation, one must still be under law. But more to the point of tonight’s subject, frequent despair is called for in no uncertain terms. However, the duty of the believer is despair, while resurrection depends totally on God. So, if the “believer” is faithful, despair will be the order of the day, while joy may be experienced, or not experienced depending on the grace of God entirely. This is, in fact, the theses of John Piper’s book, ‘When I Don’t Desire God | How To Fight For Joy.'”     

How Protestant Orthodoxy Produces Depression 

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