Paul's Passing Thoughts


Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 27, 2016

project-2016-logo-4The idea that forgiveness of damning sin must be perpetual, and the obtaining of this perpetual forgiveness can only be found in the church that came from Rome, which also gave birth to Protestantism, has been from the beginning until now. Protestants only protested Rome’s residual foolishness, not the idea that perpetual salvation is only found in the church. Any objection to this fact is predicated on being misinformed. Church is salvation by church, and even confused churches that deny this are only in remission, but still possess the cancer of progressive justification. And because this is the reality, and regardless of the fact that no institution claims a monopoly on love more than the church, its doctrine of progressive justification makes true biblical love on a grand scale decisively impossible. That is the theses of this chapter.


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