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Paul and Susan Christian Living Series on Blogtalk Radio Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 18, 2015

Paul and SusanPart Two: Body Versus Institution 

Protestant soteriology is predicated on perpetual re-salvation. The doctrine calls for a continual return to the same gospel that saved us to, supposedly, grow as a Christian. But the devil is in the details as this is usually worded, “growing in grace.” The assumption follows: this refers to growing in our Christian walk, but note the word, “grace” which refers to salvation. Does our salvation grow? Or do we grow?

Our vision is that the next 500 years, if the Lord tarries, will have the same emphasis on sanctification and true Christian living that has been emphasized by the Protestant false gospel of progressive justification for the past 500 years. Our vision is that the focus will be making disciples, not re-justification. The big lie of our day is Protestants calling their progressive justification, “progressive sanctification.” We are not sanctified by justification, we are sanctified by our own labors while aided by the Trinity. This series focuses on how we do that in every area of life.

Join the conversation! This will be a lengthy series.

Live Link: Friday 12/18/2015 @ 6pm.

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