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New PPT Moderation Policy

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 11, 2015

TANC LOGOHere at PPT, discussing how we should moderate comments is an ongoing discussion. While being strong believers in the arena of ideas, it’s not an arena of platforms supplied to every theological ragamuffin that comes down the pike.

However, as you know, PPT/TANC also values knowledge about world philosophy because we think it lends greatly to the historical aspect of grammatical-historical interpretation of reality. So, we may very well allow comments from someone who could care less about the religious dogfight, but has something informative to add in areas that we deem to be important information.

But I have decided to drive a stake on something regarding the issue of moderation. Anybody aware of my writing style is also aware that my posts usually encompass four or five points based on research of some sort accompanied by citations. This brings me to the point.

Since the conception of this blog in 2009, I have noticed a marked pattern in how Calvinists comment. They rarely address the specific points made in the post, but instead make some sort of broad statement concerning my supposed cluelessness in regard to what Calvinism is really about. That’s always first in this construct, followed by some residual concern about a grammatical error, “name calling,” or something that points to some sort of personal flaw.

I have noticed this pattern for a long time, but have never stopped to really think about it. That is, until we received another such comment today. Regardless of the fact that the post made specific points backed up with specific data, all of that was ignored and…

“This displays an absolutely stunning ignorance concerning the actual teachings of Calvinism and a truly disgusting level of name calling, personal insults. However, all that is truly acceptable given that you know everything there is to know about everything you rail against.”

This is a Calvinist protocol that I have seen time, and time again since 2009. What’s going on? How can they just bypass the main propositions of the post all together and make these twofold blanket statements?

First of all, from now on, this Calvinist protocol will be rejected at PPT. Objections that do not address the main points made in the post will not be passed through moderation.

With that said, what do I think is behind this approach? Something is, it’s been too consistent, too many times, and for too long; some sort of logic drives it. Have you read any of my recent posts about the two contrary interpretations of reality within evangelicalism? If these people think my literal interpretation of reality disqualifies me from understanding Calvinism, wouldn’t that explain this approach? Wouldn’t they have to present a grammatical-historical argument to refute the specific points made in these posts?

Also, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t want to address my perception of reality as being the crux of my error. That’s a rabbit they want to keep in the hat.


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