Paul's Passing Thoughts

Acts Lesson 51

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on April 28, 2015

Acts Series

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Lesson 51 – April 28, 2015 (Click here to listen)





Tonight’s Text – Acts 19:11-20

Brief Review

  1. Miracles by Paul’s hand
    1. From his body
    2. The purpose
      1. A new aspect to the ministry
      2. To contrast reprobate works from authentic ones
        1. Compare with 2 Timothy 3:5-9
        2. Pharaoh’s magicians
  2. The works of false teachers
    1. “Vagabond” Jews
      1. Wanderers
      2. Sons of a chief priest
      3. Exorcists
    2. Known for their works
      • successful at it
    3. Why invoke Jesus’ name?
      • Compare with Matthew 7:15-23
  3. Result of Paul’s works
    1. People believe
      • Confession and repentance
    2. A change in behavior
      1. Out of obedience
      2. Out of love

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