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Pope Francis’ Culture of Death is Looking a Lot Like Protestantism

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on April 22, 2015

TANC 2015 flyer

“Dear Christian parents, will you save your children from this philosophical culture of death?”   

The real difference between Catholicism and Protestantism is philosophical, and by no means a biblically based theological argument. If you want to discuss the difference in regard to orthodoxy for the serfs, there is no difference—both are progressive justification. Both propagate a need for the church to get people from salvation point A to salvation point B.

The functions of both camps are really determined by spiritual elitists who think they are above logic and all things material. Catholic philosopher kings tend to think knowledge beyond the material realm is within every being while Protestant philosopher kings believe all true knowledge is outside of the person.

Both appeal to Christ consciousness as the only immutable true form of goodness and truth. When it gets right down to it, you can barely slip a playing card between their definitions of faith.

Catholics seem to believe that the inner light gives everyone some potentiality for being good, while Protestants believe Christians can only see good and experience goodness that remains completely outside of them. They can experience it, but it is not a part of them. Man cannot be partially good enough to participate in his own salvation; it is a total work by God alone from beginning to end.  Catholics believe that people can have enough goodness in them to participate in the finishing of their salvation.

In both cases, salvation is a process that needs the church to finish it. Catholics believe people can be made good enough to participate in the finishing while Protestants reject the idea that man can possess any goodness.

The point here is that they share a common belief that salvation is a process overseen by the church, and that affiliation with the church is efficacious to being saved.

Of late, and more and more, they also share a belief in Martin Luther’s doctrine of death. Both interpret all reality from the standpoint of the cross; i.e., “all wisdom is hidden in suffering.”  Both see true discipleship as a complete emptying of self. Both see material as evil and only the invisible as good. Catholics believe inner goodness enables us to see ourselves as worthless, while Protestants believe faith enables us to see ourselves as worthless because we are worthless. Catholics believe good people will want to die to self and this material world, while Protestants believe we ought to die because we deserve nothing but death. But either way, it’s a culture of death.

Also, both believe that self-sacrifice shows forth the glory of the cross because all choices to sacrifice self are “living by the cross” or “walking according to the cross.” Self-denial and self-death demonstrate God’s cross-love and this is when the gospel is presented to people with power from on high. We hear this rhetoric in Protestant circles constantly.

So, what in the world inspired this post? Keep in mind that the following video is a Catholic production, and prepare yourself to be dumbfounded.

The same mentality can also be seen in Pope Francis’ collectivist views on economics and financial equality. Francis, who is loco popular with the Millennials, is leading a whole generation of our youth into socialist ideas. On the other side of the fence, the same. Collectivism gauges the total worth of people based on their ability to contribute to “the group” which is Platonic lingo for society at large.

Another aspect of death culture is the rising popularity of environmentalism among Catholic and Protestant youth.  If you are a good Catholic, you know that your evil material body exhales carbon dioxide which pollutes the air, but the good trees absorb the carbon. If you are Protestant, you assume trees are better than humans because humans are totally depraved. In this video, it is suggested that we errantly worry more about ISIS killing people than saving trees.

The video was posted on my FaceBook page by a young Christian, and this was my response:

Well, wouldn’t worry about it too much. Apparently, shortly before the return of Christ there is plenty of earth left to destroy because God destroys it. I also find the notion that trees compensate for human pollution via breathing somewhat disturbing. It’s the idea that trees are important because they filter out the product of human living: trees good–humans bad. Fact is, what we exhale is only about 4% carbon. Also note the unqualified moral equivalency between those who kill people (ISIS) and those who cut down trees. lastly, if those who propagate this message really cared about the environment rather than their ulterior political motives, they would point to the science and example of Israel who have turned that desert terrain into a rich agriculture.

Dear Christian parents, will you save your children from this philosophical culture of death? This May, I will be teaching a series on Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation on Blog Talk Radio. We will exegete this foundational document theses by theses. Let me also recommend our 2015 TANC conference where we delve into these issues as well.


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  1. trust4himonly- Faith said, on April 23, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    ughh……the pope. He has a forked tongue. Whats on the outside does not represent the truth. He may seem so “godly” but what I don’t get is……. why in world Pope Francis you have not given up that silly hat and cape/robe? Have you not said we must give up our riches for the poor? Why is the Vatican not filled with orphans and widows instead of gold icons? Just tell me please…….I really would like an explanation.
    What about the allegations of child abuse and the women’s laundries? Oh yes… we did hear that you are doing something about it, really???? or are you smoothing it over with money and threats; hoping that time will eliminate the need to oust out 80-90% of your clergy?


  2. A Mom said, on April 24, 2015 at 12:38 AM

    Yikes! Love = being complicit with murder & rape? Let’s help your blood-stained hands become more bloodstained? Wouldn’t this be = to a Christian signing up to be a Nazi soldier in a concentration camp?

    Yes, anyone can be cleansed & be born again, but that is a choice. I’m okay with any reason not to hurt someone else. That message doesn’t change. However, murderers need to be stopped & time is of the essence.

    “Where can you run from His love?” What do we think people who commit evil are doing?

    “If Jesus was slain from the alter where we should have been”, isn’t this just giving them another reason= righting this wrong?

    “We are no different apart from His love? We are worse than the worst Jihadist” Our picks certainly are different. I have friends who don’t believe in Jesus. They are not murderers. This is absolute crazy talk.

    This is like telling your kids, “We’re off to pet the dog who has already attacked & killed just about everyone in sight.”

    Scary stuff. Church anyone?


  3. A Mom said, on April 24, 2015 at 1:30 AM

    My thoughts on environmental video:

    I think trees are good – humans are good. Talk about conforming to group think – we pay to surround our houses with poison (watch out kids & pets) just to kill small yellow flowers. Dandelions are so evil. 😉

    Pollution is not a figment of the imagination. It’s real. Fracking causes earth quakes & damages drinking water. Beijing air is not what you want your kids to breathe. These are real problems that infringe on the rights of others.

    There are wiser, cleaner, safer ways to generate & use energy. We could be perfecting & transitioning to renewable sources of energy if it were a priority in DC. Special interest groups are getting what they want & they don’t have the American people’s best interest at heart.


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