Paul's Passing Thoughts

Acts Lesson 44

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Tuesday Night Bible Study
February 3, 2015
Study of the Book of Acts

Tonight’s Text – Acts 16:35 – 17:9

Brief review

I. Concluding thoughts on Philippi
– Commentary on Acts 16:35-40

II. Events in a Thessalonian synagogue
A. Paul’s manner

B. Paul’s appeal to reason

– Definition of “reason”

1. A cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.
2. The power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.

C. Necessary facts regarding Messiah
δει (die) – it is necessary or it was necessary
– To suffer
– To die
– To rise from the dead

D. The Biblical significance of suffering
– Psalm 22

III. People’s response to Paul
A. The positive
– Some Jews believed (most did not)
– Large number of devout Greeks
– “Chief women”

B. The negative
– “Moved with envy”
– Riot at the house of Jason
– False testimony to the city rulers

Acts lesson 44

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