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The Book of Acts Lesson 36

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Lesson 36

Tuesday Night Bible Study

September 9, 2014

Study of the Book of Acts

Tonight’s Text – Acts 13:48 – 14:7 Brief review

  1. The character and behavior of believers
  2. Continued rejoicing
  3. Continued exalting of the Word
  4. A desire to tell others

– The word was published

                διαφερω – “dee-ah-fer-oh”

To carry through


  1. The unbelieving Jews of Antioch
  2. Provoked to jealousy

Compare with

– Acts 13:6-8

– Acts 6:9-12

– Matthew 27:16-20

  1. Using the force of government

– Paul and Barnabas expelled

        – εχβαλλω – “ek-ball-oh” – to throw out

– intensity


  1. Shaking the dust from the feet

– A practice of devout Jews

– Symbolic gesture of derision towards Gentiles

– Used by Jesus to mock the religious elite

– Gesture of judgment upon the Jews


III. Spirit-filled disciples of Antioch

  1. Filled

        πληροω – “play-ro-oh” –

To make replete; to cram

– Imperfect tense indicates an ongoing                           occurrence.

– Compare with Galatians 5:13-16

  1. Walking in the Spirit vs. filled with the Spirit.


  1. Activities in Iconium
  2. Carbon-copy of Antioch
  3. Paul and Barnabas’ tenacity

– Bold speaking

– Signs and wonders

  1. Jews using Gentiles to their advantage

– Violent impulses

exercising violence

stoning encouraged

  1. Fleeing to Lystra and Derbe



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