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The “Discernment” Blogosphere’s Celebration of Boz Tchividjian’s Hollywood Gospel

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 8, 2014

ppt-jpeg4The Boz continues to be a hero among those trying to save the institutional church from the destructive behavior of pedophilia. Notice where I have come down on this: the goal is to save the institutional church, not to prevent future abuse by getting justice for the known victims. Where is the beef justice? Why is a former prosecutor so toothless in getting anything done about this problem?

The Boz is lifted up as a contemporary heroine for the spiritually abused while those who support the pedophilia enabler CJ Mahaney occupy positions on the board of his organization, G.R.A.C.E. And unless anything has changed, this ministry struggles to find the word, “justice” in any of GRACE’s literature. “Prevention” is discussed, but far, far from the conversation is the biblical demand that Christians who behave badly suffer as wrongdoers so that other Christians will fear. For the Boz, the plain sense of Scripture does not compute. Why not?

Also, obviously, Bob Jones University played him in the exact same way that ABWE did. Who didn’t see that coming? G.R.A.C.E is a mediator for hire that represents predatory institutions by enabling the following motif: “See, we are doing something about the problem, keep the money rolling in for the sake of the gospel.” When the ledgers are back to normal and stay level for a time, G.R.A.C.E. is fired, followed by a heroic rant by the Boz. This immortalization and good pay for failure is only rivaled by American politics.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Catholicism. Why does this surprise us? The ideology of salvation by institution is exactly the same. The major players in the present-day Neo-Calvinist revival proudly claim the Doctor of the Catholic Church as their primary philosopher: St. Augustine. On the one hand, the likes of John Piper, John MacArthur, and RC Sproul cite Augustine as a great theologian while at the same time claim that Catholicism is a false gospel, and the herd doesn’t even blink. It’s ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is the disconnect between logic and behavior. Luther and Calvin were avid followers of Augustine who solidified Catholic doctrine in the 4th century, and followed his dogma of salvation only by the universal church to a “T.” Clearly, Luther and Calvin both held to absolution—the same absolution claimed by the Neo-Calvinist power of the keys.

Shall we hurt the institution of salvation for the sake of a few raped children? Perish the thought! Better that a few are destroyed for the sake of the elect! We see the exact same mentality in the recent revelations about Hollywood as child actors are filing lawsuits and writing tell-all memoirs. Hollywood is being exposed for its secret pedophilia culture. One former child star, perhaps the most successful ever, has stated that even though there are “good people” in Hollywood, the problem of pedophilia is rampant. “Oh, does this mean Roman Polanski and Woody Allen are not isolated incidents?” Right.

And that is the crux for the church as well—the whole misguided idea that people who remain silent are “good” because they only look the other way for the sake of the Hollywood institution. Somehow, the enablers are guiltless, and what would the world do without Hollywood, or the church? (Uh, I guess what they did for almost 400 years before the institutional church existed). Reality check: ABWE did not lose the support of even one church because of the Missionary Kids scandal in which one victim was confiscated from her family for purposes of information management. Regardless of this and other sickening revelations, the Boz only whimpered when he was fired only days before the final report. Taking into consideration his significant level of respect in evangelical circles, he could have made ABWE pay big time in numerous ways. So, why didn’t he? Because the breeding ground is the source of his income, and ABWE was well aware of that—they knew they could play him.

You might notice if you are paying attention that the Boz focuses a lot on the church “coming clean” or owning up to the problem. In true Reformed fashion, justice is only “cutting off the tops of daisies” and not dealing with the “heart” or “root” of the matter. The Boz sees non-repentance as striping the church of transformative gospel power that will supposedly cure the church of the problem. In addition, he sees the demand for justice on the part of the victims as replacing grace with law.

I believe the Boz deemphasizes justice in hopes that the victims will recognize that they are “sinners” just like the perpetrators. His organization does not stand for Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment for no good reason. In Reformed thought, the concept of “justice” presumes some people are better than others; in contrast, when the definition of justice is the fact that everyone deserves hell, gospel transformation takes place. G.R.A.CE. functions on the principle of the collective psyche of “deep repentance.” I believe the focus on REPORTING is designed to bring about the deep repentance that he believes will be followed by gospel transformation. How is it working so far? In other words, the Boz sees no healing benefit from obtaining justice for the victims—regardless of the fact that this is the biblical prescription if people will not repent. Justice is redefined as only one thing: what everybody deserves, rather than God’s mandate for the oppressed.

Hence, according to the Boz, “justice” must be defined in its gospel context. This is Martin Luther’s mystical and extreme view of reality in which common sense is beneath the Christian faith and cause/effect vanquished by God’s predeterminism. Once again, the church chants, “In mysticism we trust.” Doing anything practical is “trying to be the gospel rather than showing forth the gospel.” Justice is not even on the radar screen or in any of their literature (if it is, it is far from a reoccurring theme). The goal is for the victims and the perps to be sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya to the glory of the gospel until the next opportunity to “forgive the way we have been forgiven.”

The Boz is a well-paid mystic fraud propagating false hope for the victims. Bloggers who write on this issue, but do not understand the Boz’s Reformed ideology are a party to his charlatanism. Meanwhile, ministries who deal swiftly and resolutely with such issues get little press and are deemed as simply being “Improved Pharisees.” Better for the rape to continue lest we “only cut off the tops of daisies.”

Come now, you know grade-A-well that the terms and examples I am using here are ringing familiar bells right and left. Until bloggers really understand the Boz’s ideology, they should not be singing his accolades. Again, only in the American political realm is this kind of failure so richly rewarded.


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  1. Lydia said, on May 10, 2014 at 10:58 PM

    It is at the bottom of the link I left. It is the last one in the meanderings.


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