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The Gospel According to Dr. David Allen and Al Mohler: Is the Official Southern Baptist Gospel Biblical?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 6, 2013

ppt-jpeg4“So, what is it exactly that both camps agree with? What is this Calvinism that is fundamentally orthodox according to Dr. David Allen?”

Well, yesterday was full of learning. I think the most important thing I learned is that Southern Baptist leaders are like wrestlers in the World Wrestling Federation. They fight in the ring, and go out together for beer afterwards. Another thing I learned is that both parties (Calvinists/Arminians) have a vested financial interest in keeping the SBC undivided. Truth is not the issue here, at issue is the salvation of the SBC financial machine monetized by the sheep they deem as still totally depraved. And sadly, like WWF fans, the sheep think these guys are really fighting.

Some of my wisest mentors have been totally depraved. Not in regard to ethics, but in regard to reality. As a young, and naive new restaurant assistant manager, the elderly general manager sat me down and stated, “Paul, this is how it works; if you prefer, rape the waitresses, steal the food, and put stuff in the customer’s meals, but don’t mess with the money.” I fear the SBC is little different.

Calvinism versus Arminianism in the SBC? “The Watershed issue in the SBC for the next 5-10 years”? How many SBC parishioners watch WWF? Bless their hearts, in the same way that WWF fans love their favorite wrestlers, many SBC congregants love the “T” word: truth. That’s a problem. At this year’s John 3:16 Conference, a couple of young restaurant managers asked the Southwestern Seminary elites what they were going to do about the Calvinist problem in the SBC. Dr. David Allen, the wise general manager, set them straight. Those Calvinists are our brothers, and Calvinism is not outside of “Christian orthodoxy.” And it goes without saying that Al Mohler over at Southern, “ground zero for the Neo-Calvinist movement,” would agree with Allen wholeheartedly. As one leader stated during the same conference, the big match is “a family matter.” Yes Sally May, bring us another round.

Both parties even have mutual foes that disrupt family harmony. Dr. James White points to those pesky hyper Arminians while Dr. Allen points to those pesky hyper Calvinists. As a pastor you learn one thing in a hurry: if you want a two party beat down, get in the middle of a family dispute and take sides.

So, both sides agree: there are merely residual disagreements in regard to Calvinism, but fundamentally, it is “orthodox.” So why the conference? That answer becomes as easy as A,B,C: the fans shouldn’t expect the wrestlers to really kill each other, that wouldn’t be Christian-like. The conference wasn’t a stand for the truth, it was wise counsel from the general managers to the fans. They said as much:

This strand of Baptist life, Caner said, ran concurrent with the stronger Calvinistic one from the Philadelphia Baptist Association and both have existed within Southern Baptist life since the founding of the convention.

Caner asserted that much of the theological disunity could be resolved if there was more evangelistic methodological unity, particularly using an altar call.

Southern Baptist history, Caner said, demonstrates that revival and the methods of evangelism associated with historic “revival meetings” will be what halts “discussion over doctrinal differences” and stops “theological infighting.”

So, what is it exactly that both camps agree with? What is this Calvinism that is fundamentally orthodox according to Dr. David Allen? Well, in the Calvin Institutes, Calvin teaches that the “washing”; i.e., salvation, is “perpetual,” and the atoning work of Christ on the cross is also perpetual (3.14.11). I kid you not.

In 4.1.21,22, and elsewhere, Calvin states that sins committed in the Christian life separate us from grace, and we must therefore receive daily salvific forgiveness of sins, and this forgiveness can only be found in the institutional church and under the authority of pastors. This should give relevant meaning to the “We must preach the gospel to ourselves every day” jingle that is popular among SBC leaders.

I could go on and on and on with examples, but you get the point.

The SBC fans are paying good money to have their gospel picked for them while the SBC elite laugh about it at the local pub over a few cold ones. It’s time for that gig to be over.

Trust me, the fans have God’s permission to choose their own gospel. You do not have to go to a conference to get permission from elitist charlatans. Take me for instance, I am a licensed Southern Baptist pastor, and I confess that Dr. David Allen can take his false gospel and stuff it in a place of his choosing. No pun intended.


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  1. trust4himonly said, on December 8, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    It would be interesting to do statistics on serial killers, dictators, and mass murderers and see how many came from this Calvinist mindset. We can clearly see that religions, such as, Catholicism, Calvinism, and Islam create a belief construct that could justify the evil that they do.


  2. Argo said, on December 8, 2013 at 8:23 PM


    For my part, I believe that the lie told in the Garden was essentially Platonism in a nutshell…or rather, Platonism is the fully integrated epistemology of the lie told in the Garden: there is an absolute moral law” which exists outside of man; a “moral law” which does not require the life of man in order to be “true”.

    This can be difficult to explain, I understand. But essentially it is a law that finds its moral anchor in the death of man, because it is wholly metaphysically outside of man, instead of in the life of man.

    As such, I maintain that the seed of all evil assumptions and their consequences is Platonist philosophy.


  3. trust4himonly said, on December 8, 2013 at 11:47 PM

    I am seeing your point and will ponder it. 🙂


  4. lydiasellerofpurple said, on December 9, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    “This is where they can twist verses like “love your enemy” into “you have no choice but to give into your enemies and allow them to do whatever to you or anyone else”. Evil vs. wrong choices = the same definition. There is no difference.”

    There is another twist when it comes to what Wade was teaching. If he is talking about our “enemies” being those celebrity Christians doing evil, then what? In one breath, they are our brothers in Christ and in another our enemies and here is how you should treat them? Trying to proof text all that must be exhausting because judgement begins in the Body of believers. Wade just wants to control the process and might be miffed off because that particular blog post was about Piper who is an untouchable celeb.


  5. lydiasellerofpurple said, on December 9, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Another thing, Paul. I think they are a bit naive when it comes to Mohler who is the most brilliant political strategist around. For Mohler this is not really about doctrine at all. it is about power USING doctrine as he has put his loyalists in many entity positions over the years. He owns it. . So they will play right into his hands for the sake of unity. The SBC is already spiritually dead. As recent as the late 90’s they had 20,000 people (mostly non clergy) at the conventions. Now they are lucky to get 5,000 and most are pastors or employees of the SBC. It has become a club. The only thing that will make any diffference is when the money dries up.


    • paulspassingthoughts said, on December 9, 2013 at 2:43 PM

      Right, I address that in this mornings post.


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