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Discernment Blogosphere Cover-up? Doug Phillips being Called Everything but a “Calvinist”

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 2, 2013

ppt-jpeg4There is an interesting trend emerging from the articles being written about the fall of Doug Phillips. I have read several, and there will be many more to come as that beagle puppy is just beginning to learn how to hunt.

The expected came today with this post. Everyone knew there is way more to this story, but everyone continues to be dismayed that a “sinner saved by grace” would act this way. Apparently, unlike the testimony of Webster’s Dictionary, we don’t expect “sinners” to sin very much. Doug Phillips, the sinner who “needs grace just as much as he did the day he was saved,” isn’t getting much. No one gave it a second thought when the guy continually introduced himself as a “sinner,” until he acted wickedly, now he is “narcissistic,” “cultish,” “a hireling,” “a hypocrite,” “a control freak,” “an abuser,” etc., etc., etc.

This is a total disconnect between doctrine and behavior, and the idea that the new birth is strictly an experience and people really don’t change is uniquely Calvinistic. Doug Phillips continually referred to himself as a sinner because that’s what Calvinists believe. According to Calvinists, biblical imperatives serve as guardrails to restrain our total depravity, but more than anything speak to what Jesus has done for us—not anything we do. Keep in mind: a lot of discernment bloggers sit under this same hyper-grace nonsense every week at their own churches.

Nevertheless, this blogger makes a big point of the fact that Phillips covered for a “cougar” that was on the prowl in the church he pastored. For certain, other bloggers will follow with this same point, while themselves covering for the fact that Phillips was first, and foremost a C-A-L-V-I-N-I-S-T.

Why the cover? Answer: many “discernment” bloggers are themselves Calvinists, associate with “respectable” Calvinists, are completely ignorant of Reformed history, and have no idea what Calvin really believed. As far as the appalling abuse of church discipline practiced by Doug Phillips, that’s right out of Calvin’s playbook. Abuse? Calvin routinely burned women at the stake, executed adolescents for disrespecting their parents, had people jailed for talking in church, executed two men for fighting in the street, and according to Martin Luther, all disagreements in Geneva were “settled by sentence of death.”

Yet, what was the evil idealism that Phillips was associated with? The patriarchy movement. Again, this is just a symptom of Calvinist ideology—discussing that issue apart from Calvinism is disingenuous. The whole movement is intrinsically connected to Reformed tradition…

…and the fruit never falls far from the tree.


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  1. paulspassingthoughts said, on December 2, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Reblogged this on Clearcreek Chapel Watch.


  2. anonymous said, on December 2, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    I am no longer a sinful man with a new life, I am a new creature who unfortunately has indwelling sin in my mortal body.

    I have to constantly go back to this every day and repeat it over and over to myself.

    “Ye must be born again”. Is a real thing, not some metaphor.


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