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The Doug Phillips Fall and the New Calvinist Before and After Gospels

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 31, 2013

Douglas W. Phillips is a Calvinist Christian speaker and author. He is the son of Peggy (Blanchard) and U.S. Constitution Party leader Howard Phillips and president of Vision Forum Ministries. He advocates Biblical patriarchy, creationism, homeschooling, Quiverfull and Family Integrated Church.

~ Wikipedia

Regardless of what was at stake, Phillips finds himself in the following situation:

Yesterday, Doug Phillips resigned from Vision Forum citing an emotional affair with a woman other than his wife. He did not identify the woman, but has not only resigned from all leadership positions but has also cancelled all speaking engagements. Former fundamentalist homeschool mother Julie Anne describes Phillips’ role in the Christian homeschooling world like this:

Doug Phillips has been very influential in the sub-culture of the Homeschool Movement.  He was a popular keynote speaker at state-run homeschool conventions, speaking on topics of Biblical manhood, Patriarchy, men taking spiritual leadership of the home, creationism, a proponent of family-integrated churches and full quiver lifestyle.  He and his wife, Beall, have eight children.  We heard him speak numerous times.

~ Patheos .com

Doug Phillips is not the point. Christians devouring each other is not the point. Giving Phillips a “grace break” is not the point. The fact that none of us are perfect is not the point.

Calvin’s false gospel is the point.

In the first sentence of Phillips’ biography on the Vision Forum website we read:

Doug Phillips is a sinner, saved by grace.

That’s Calvinism. Let me interpret this often used Protestant mantra with an expanded version:

Christians still sin as a lifestyle (that’s what a “sinner” is), and are still enslaved to sin. We also continue to be saved from the sins we commit as Christians by the same grace that saved us originally. If we believe we can do no works that please God as Christians, Christ’s death will continually be applied to future sins and his perfect obedience will be perpetually applied to our Christian lives until we get to the final judgment. When we stand at the final judgment, we will be found in the doing and dying of Christ, not anything we do (or don’t do) if we live by the same gospel that saved us by faith alone in our Christian lives.

To withstand the final judgment, we must believe that we remain sinners in our salvation. We must believe in Luther’s simul justus et peccator… at the same time saint and sinner. New Calvinists continually proclaim that Christians are, present tense, “enemies of God,” “haters of God,” “dead in trespasses and sins,” etc. Calvinism rejects the new birth. I’m not saying they don’t use the term, “new birth,” I am saying Calvinism rejects the biblical new birth.

So, Doug Phillips, the sinner, had an affair. Who knew? In reality, and if Calvinists had any honesty, the response would be, “Uh, ya, I had an affair, and your point is what exactly?”

But New Calvinism hasn’t taken over enough of Christianity yet, so when these guys get caught, they revert to the gospel that most Christians think they believe. The other gospel; the one that “thinks the cross is for salvation and the new birth is for sanctification.” They fall on their sword for the sake of the rest of the movement. Hence, Phillips’ response is not even in the same ballpark with authentic Reformed doctrine:

I thought too highly of myself and behaved without proper accountability. I have acted grievously before the Lord, in a destructive manner hypocritical of life messages I hold dear, inappropriate for a leader, abusive of the trust that I was given, and hurtful to family and friends.

Look friends, other Calvinists have stated plainly that such a mentality is “trying to be the gospel rather than proclaiming the gospel.” And this Protestant overemphasis on grace cuts across denominational lines and Calvinism/Arminianism. The new birth is either devalued by Protestant Light or outright rejected by Calvinism.

That’s the Protestant family tradition.


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  1. Francisco said, on December 30, 2014 at 5:32 AM

    Thanks for finally talking about >The Dooug Phillips Fall and the
    New Calviniost Before and After Gospels | Paul’s Passijng Thoughts <Loved it!


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