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The Anti-Spiritual Abuse Camp: Fellowshipping With Wolves

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 5, 2013

ppt-jpeg4I will keep saying it: people don’t get up one morning and decide to be spiritual abusers. The present-day spiritual abuse tsunami in the church wasn’t created from nothing. If you believe the neo-Calvinist resurgence of late is unrelated to the sharp increase of spiritual abuse in the church →I have some oceanfront property here in Xenia, Ohio that I would like to sell you.

For some time, I have sat typingless  in regard to anti-spiritual abuse bloggers who are Calvinists. Whatever. Does one really think that Calvin’s logic had no relationship to his behavior? And the one that just kills me is the Reformed pastor who is a hero among the anti-spiritual abuse crowd. The guy is a strong advocate of Jon Zens who was one of the core-four of the Australian Forum which launched the present-day New Calvinist movement.

He also brags about how much he enjoys reading the Puritans. The Puritans were Calvin’s ugly grandchildren and were responsible for wiping out the entire population of women in some European towns during the medieval Witch Wars. As fanatical political refugees, they fled Europe and brought their pandemic logic to American soil. Consequently, Americans have to claim part of their filth as our infant history; ie., the Salem Witch Trials and the executions of Quakers for being Quakers. The International Day of Religious Freedom (Oct. 27th) is a spiritual Pearle Harbor Day, and the Puritans are the Japanese in that story. But yet, they are spiritual heroes among the Reformed; go figure.

This same pastor also idolizes John Piper who sits on the board of the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. Their magnum opus is the Danvers Statement which was compiled in Danvers, MA. → the very same location of the Salem Witch trials. This is absolutely no accident—it is an open mockery of women and the Enlightenment thought that had to save American Christianity from a wicked European foundation. This is often the case: God has to send in people with commonsense to save us from ourselves.

I was finally jolted into writing this after being referred to several “commendable” articles by fellow anti-spiritual abuse bloggers. Several of these messages were right out of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation which is the core logic of the Reformation. Luther hated humanity, and believed God only works through us when we are brought to nothing. He believed the Christian life was a series of deaths and rebirths founded on perpetual justification through the “cross story.” To Luther, the joy of rebirth could only be experienced through the ravaging of our own personal story, or the “glory story.” When we suffer these deaths, a new birth or resurrection happens and our just standing before God is maintained. It’s truly salvation by a life of misery.

Calvin then took Luther’s principle (which he got from Auggie and Gregory who got it from Plato who was the inspiration for neo-Islamic thought and communism as well): all wisdom is the difference between God’s holiness and our wretchedness, and extrapolated that single principle into a full-orbed philosophical statement on life. The Calvin Institutes are built totally on the foundation of the first sentence thereof which states the essence of Luther’s Disputation. Calvin’s ability to take this simple dualist principle and build a full-orbed metaphysical statement speaks to his genius while escaping the Mass Murderers Hall of Fame.

Hence, we have pastors from coast to coast who don’t necessarily see rape as a bad thing. Rape leads to brokenness, and a wonderful opportunity to experience God’s resurrection life. Why do you think the pastorate is so indifferent to what’s going on? It’s not just cowardliness, they also share the logic of our Protestant roots.

I perceive a lot naïve young people, new to the ministry, who are latching on to these concepts unawares. They perceive biblical warnings about wolves in sheep’s clothing through the lens of their own arrogance; ie., “Because of how smart I am, it will look like a cheap costume.” Therefore, they don’t see the disconnect in logic.

But if they don’t, they will continue in their attempt to help people with the same logic that brought their misery.

Good luck with that one.


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  1. Sergius Martin-George said, on February 5, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    Any particular reason why you’re not naming this pastor?

    BTW, I love the neologism “to sit typingless.”


    • paulspassingthoughts said, on February 5, 2013 at 10:24 AM


      Yes, I respect the anti-abuse camp and consider myself among them, so by not naming his name, I figured to be softening the blow a little bit as they know who I am talking about anyway. Just my way of exhorting and not slapping. Unfortunately, the guy is a really big deal among those doing a good work. I have written about him here and just the other day here, and I’m going to post a followup to that article today as Burleson’s response was a bit silly. He needs to repent of New Calvinism. I am not going to give him a pass because he’s a nice guy. A false gospel is a false gospel.


  2. t4h said, on February 5, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    I know who you are referring to and I am in agreement. A while back I was going to ask him and his church for support us in a home church my husband and I were going to do. Very nice man and no doubt I am sure loves the Lord and has done so much good- that I will give him. But I found out about his leanings towards Calvinism- did not, will not trust anyone or anything that connects with this horrid doctrine. So if those who come here see what I posted PLEASE……there is no reason to keep Calvinism; this doctrine stifles, even kills growth in the believer. Just the simple gospel is enough; read and studied by each believer and illuminated to us by the work of the Holy Spirit.


  3. said, on February 5, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    Paul, you are going to love this. Today a public school teacher friend told me that one of her students asked her if she thought all sin was equal. This teacher is a life long member of a seeker mega with very shallow teaching. Her student knows she is a Christian so asked her about this teaching he learned at church. She was flummoxed as he was quoting stuff like murder in your heart is the same as murdering someone.

    She called me to tell me this and ask me where this thinking came from. At least she understood that Jesus was referring to the twisting of the law and where sin begins and not actually saying that murdering someone is exactly the same as thinking about it! But here we have a junior in high school being taught this stuff in church. amazing! (I can just see worse moral chaos in our future coming from Christians!)

    BTW: Wade is a super nice guy. I think there will always be some cognitive dissonance when it comes to Calvinist thinking no matter who it is. I am never sure why they would be concerned with spiritual abuse out there since they believe God is directing and controlling every event and happening. How do they reconcile that with the spiritual abuse by believers…even .long time believers who are ministers? How can we hold someone responsible who does not have free will and God is directing the event? The only way to explain it is that we remain totally depraved even though saved. And even then, it cannot be their fault, can it as they need to be saved every day?

    I see Calvinism as the perfect alibi for continuing in sin just like the seekers have cheap grace.. And I do know quite a few really nice, loving Calvinists who would not hurt a fly and do not seek power over people. It is inexplicable since there is no free will and what they view what Calvin did is separate from what he taught/believed. Yet, I see how he lived and what he did as a logical conclusion to what he taught.


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