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Calvinism and Urine Technology

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PPT HandleOriginally published February 1, 2013

Calvinists often intimidate us with oceans of ink left behind by the brilliant, spiritual, educated children spawned by John Calvin: the Puritans. Calvinists like John Piper display their spiritual swagger by quoting the Puritans and making everyone aware that they read them daily. Of course, this plays on the utter ignorance of present-day Christians. Their authority is no longer the really thick pamphlet dropped down from heaven called the Bible—its orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is an analysis of God’s mass publication to people indwelt by His illumining Spirit by the church’s “Divines” of whom many were Puritans. They repackaged God’s word for consumption for the unenlightened masses.

So, when these brainiacs took the urine of accused witches and made cakes from it, and then fed the cakes to dogs in order to watch their reaction for a verdict, we need to understand that what the Divines do at times is the “foolishness of the cross.” We wouldn’t understand. This is activity that is on another spiritual plane; so, recite Luther’s Small Catechism and keep your mouth shut. The Small Catechism is one of  Voddie Baucham’s recommendations for use in family devotions. He is really big on husbands being the “family shepherd” and leading the family Bible studies with….orthodox creeds, not anything that would come from their own brains.

Much could be discussed in regard to the lovely traditions that the Puritans brought with them when they were driven out of Europe as political refugees. But let’s talk about urine. Actually, urine tasting was the state of the art research born of European theocracies during Medieval times. How the urine of the subject tasted was used to determine what ailed them. Several examples of medical charts are displayed below for your educational enjoyment. Click to enlarge them, but if you are a Calvinist, don’t try this at home—it’s not orthodoxy!



“But Paul, didn’t the Puritans have a lot of awesome things to say about God? Isn’t there much to be learned from them?” No, not in the long run because of their flawed logic. Notice that they aren’t around anymore. Why not?  Because Puritanism cannot function without theocracy. Their logic led to the persecution of the Quakers via hanging etc., and when society had enough, an end was forced in regard to their theocracy. No theocracy—no Puritanism. And frankly, the same goes for authentic Calvinism. Calvinism exists today because their logic had to be adjusted for survival. Here at TANC, we call them “sanctified Calvinists.” Yes, they have done the church some good because they don’t share the same logic.

I really wonder if this latest resurgence of authentic Calvinism will put an end to it because of the Information Age that we are in. Nobody calls themself a “Puritan” in our day. Will the day come when few will call themselves a Calvinist? Authentic Calvinism doesn’t work, and people will only use a clock that doesn’t work for so long; the fact that it is useful twice a day does not end up being enough. Once again, the same old superstitions of authentic Calvinism are showing themselves in the contemporary church. The basis is the idea of spiritual caste: the idea that preordained enlightened mediators should rule over the unenlightened masses. Theocracy comes part and parcel with that logic.

“But Paul, Neo-Calvinism is thriving right now in America and America doesn’t allow theocracies.” Oh really? Many New Calvinist “ministries” in our day are nothing less than Little Geneva. They have their own in-house police stations, and control parishioners by almost every means of the past save the death penalty alone. This ministry is compiling a list of various means that these ministries are using to control people through first-hand testimony. Other than the intimidation of armed in-house security forces, they are using “biblical counseling” to compile information on people that can be used to control them. That angle can be seen in living color via the public transcript of CJ Mahaney telling the cofounder of SGM that confidential counseling records would be made public if he left SGM for doctrinal reasons. Let there be no doubt: this is standard protocol in New Calvinist churches. And if they don’t have the dirt on you, they will fabricate it. That’s just fact.

Getting back to superstition—that is also the inevitable result of caste logic. Many blogs document the weirdness in this movement that gets crazier each month. And dismissal of comparisons due to medieval ignorance doesn’t cut it. Sure, urine isn’t used in counseling today (at least not yet), but instead we have rapists counseling their own victims in the church office!

It’s the logic. And in the Information Age, what happens in Salem doesn’t stay in Salem.

Thanksgiving Day: Democrats, Pilgrims, Islam, and Republicans, the Gospel of Freedom, and Why That Gospel is Important to Every Soul

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PPT HandleOriginally published November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and of course, this is the day we remember those brave Pilgrims who came to America for religious freedom. And of course, there were struggles in the new land and the Pilgrims got some advice from the Indians on how to plant corn and such. So, at harvest time, the good Pilgrims invited the Indians for a feast of “thanksgiving.” Hence, Thanksgiving is adorned with images of Pilgrims, Indians, and tables of food with a big fat turkey as the centerpiece.

In all of history, no propaganda proffered by the worst of despots could hold a candle to this story. In historical context, who were the Pilgrims, and what should Americans really be thankful for?

The idea that the Pilgrims came here for religious freedom is not exactly true and should incite a qualifying question: “What kind of religious freedom”?

First, let’s start with the right mental framework: “Pilgrim” is a soft term for, “Puritan.” The Pilgrims were European Puritans. They came from Europe. This is a short post, so let me compare Puritanism to something you may be more familiar with: Islam. Puritanism WAS predicated on the same basics of Islam; namely, a spiritual elite must rule over the unenlightened masses for their own good and the overall good of humanity. Secondly, the spiritual status of all people is predetermined; you are of the gnosis class, or you aren’t. Mobility between these classes is/was strictly forbidden. I emphasize “was” in regard to the Puritans and “is” in regard to Islam because the Puritans no longer exist.

Why do the Puritans no longer exist? You can thank Benjamin Franklin and company for that and add it to your list of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. The “religious freedom” that the Puritans sought in the new land was that of the church state. The Puritans were political refugees that dreamed of creating the ideal church state In America. In their mind, the church state was the way to go; it had just never been done correctly. That’s why they left Europe; supposedly, Europe was doing the right thing the wrong way.

We are all familiar with the story of Jesus exorcising demons from a man, and their request to be allowed to enter a heard of pigs. Some surmise from this that demons have to operate in a living entity of some sort. That’s speculation, but the fact that Puritan religion, like Islam, must have a body of political government to live in is not speculation, it’s a fact. That’s why Puritanism doesn’t exist today; the American founding fathers took their body away. Nothing has changed. Islam is in America seeking to find life in our political body. If they are kept out, they will die. Puritanism, like Islam, can only live when the spirit of faith is united with the body of governmental force.

Puritanism, like Islam, is a bad idea that must survive on the blood of the people. It is an idea that is not self-sustaining. The idea must enslave the masses and feed off of them. This is the reality, in every case, of the third world country: an elite that won the cosmic lottery, ruling over the totally depraved masses. They will tell you what you are capable of doing for the state. They will tell you what to eat. They will tell you how many children you can have. You are incompetent by virtue of the class you were born into.

The American colonies were originally ruled by the Puritans. The traditions they brought with them from Europe included the sport of witch hunting that had to be vacated in Europe because it threatened to wipe out an important element of humanity: the female. In some German cities, only a handful of women survived the European witch wars. The sport had to be vacated because the brilliant Puritans started doing the societal math: women minus producer class equals no church state. Brilliant. And did they learn their lesson? Answer: ever heard of the Salem Witch Trials?

The Puritans also created the first public school system in the colonies. In many cases, these were boarding schools where children were removed from their homes by law because the Puritans didn’t trust the commoners to raise their own children. Many Puritan laws concerning the American Indians were also the inspiration for the genocide that later occurred in American history. The Puritans were also primarily responsible for bringing slaves to America. Slavery was one of the European traditions they brought with them. Among the first slaves brought to America arrived at Jamestown. Remember that the Puritans were also second wave Calvinists embodied in the Presbyterian church which later became the primary champions of slavery in the South. The fruit never falls far from the tree.

This is the tyrannical environment that the founding fathers grew up in. Tradition holds that Benjamin Franklin attended the first Puritan public school in Boston. The European tyranny they grew up in inspired the American idea. This idea was predicated on the competence of the individual. This idea was predicated on the belief that all men were created equal and free. The founding fathers said that this truth was intuitive. They stated specifically that it was “self-evident.” As a result, the Puritans were ever a thorn in their side; for example, the Puritans claimed that Benjamin Franklin, a prolific inventor, did so by demonic powers.

“Gospel” means “good news.” The true American gospel is not far from the biblical gospel. Christ preached the good news of God’s forgiveness and a future kingdom. But He also preached the freedom of man to be responsible for the sum and substance of his own life—a responsibility to maximize the gifts God has given. A responsibility to “the life that bears your own name.” It is both freedom and responsibly: “to whom much is given, much is expected.” The founding fathers emphasized the part of the gospel that was paramount at that time: the freedom of man. This gospel inspired slave and commoner alike. It was the true gospel of the Great Awakening.

To associate American evangelicalism with the Republican Party is surely a mistake. American evangelicals confuse the American gospel with the biblical gospel. Both are good, and one is very good, but Christ never converted anybody with the sword. Man is created free, competent, responsible, and free to choose.

Anyone who thinks they are above the fray of American politics and religion is a fool. Anyone who doesn’t concern themselves with these questions is a fool. You cannot separate your freedom from religion or politics. A man once said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Let me borrow that wisdom and say, “You may not be interested in religion or politics, but they are interested in you.” These will eventually own you one way or the other.

Certainly, those who are not free have nothing to be thankful for other than the predestined crumbs of life handed to them by sin or the tyrant that rules over them. This is now their abysmal plight due to their ignorance.

And it’s a pity, for the tyrant is always unworthy to rule over the free. The big fat turkey in the middle of the table wasn’t obtained by the Pilgrims because turkeys are hard to hunt. Surely the same Indians who had to plant their corn brought it to the feast. Pilgrim-like religionists  are always pathetic beasts who must be fed by those ignorant enough to allow their oppression. Those ignorant of the gospel of freedom.


Calvinism’s Parasitic Deception: How the Puritans Hijacked the Great Awakening

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TTANC Vol 2Originally published October 30, 2013

The writing of The Truth About New Calvinism—Volume 2 is in full throttle. From time to time, I would like to share some things that I am stumbling upon as I define my research of the past three years.

Many thanks to those who have helped me define the direction of volumes two and three. Volume 2 is guaranteed to be understandable. This is the unveiling of Calvinism’s fundamental detriment to Christianity and humanity in general. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the doctrine or not; volume 2 will trace and define the logic that formed the doctrine. From there, the assumption that the ideology is dressed up in Bible verses to look, sound, and feel biblical is a correct one. Volume 2 is for the layman, volume 3 will be an in-depth theological evaluation for those who want it. Once the ideology that formed the doctrine is understood in volume 2, volume 3 may be easier to understand.

If it can be confirmed that the Reformers used the Bible to sell an ideology, and it can, and they did, what they came up with is fairly irrelevant. Not only that, volume 2 will examine the fruits of the doctrine which is also telling. In order to sell the ideology, the Reformers proffered a theological treatise from the Bible. Volume 3 will demonstrate why that doesn’t even hold water.

One character trait of New Calvinism is to exploit the overall lack of education concerning its history, ideology, doctrine, and character. New Calvinism, the authentic Reformed article, is looking for a result based on covert assimilation. The result that is sought is CONTROL. This control is sought through justification by faith alone which is a doctrine that is literally justification alone because it eliminates sanctification. Stated in layman’s terms: it emphasizes the work of God while deemphasizing anything the Christian does in salvation or post-salvation. This is done by out of sight, out of mind. If you only teach justification (salvation) to the exclusion of sanctification (the Christian life), the masses will eventually live according to the Reformed version of justification alone. The Reformers were masters at redefining the terms and teaching sanctification in a justification way.

This leads to the Reformed practice of infiltrating religious movements throughout history as a stowaway and then taking over the movement. The prime example is the Great Awakening (1730s – 1790s). The Great Awakening was a pushback against Reformed ideology, not the result of it. The Pilgrims created the need for the Great Awakening. The Pilgrims, a soft idiom for “Calvinistic Puritan political refugees,” brought European tyrannical polity with them. The motif that the Pilgrims came to America for religious freedom is patently false—they came to establish their own vision of a church state. To this point:

Throughout the colonial period, and even in the early years of the independent United States, most colonies or states had established churches—churches legally recognized as the official state church. Different colonies privileged different Christian sects, for example, Congregationalism (the descendent of Puritanism) was the official state church for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire; and Anglicanism was the established faith in most colonies, including Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Along with official recognition came special privileges, like financial support from public taxation. Before the Great Awakening, colonial Americans harbored no expectation that there should be any separation between church and state.[1]

In reality, there are NO religious movements that could be considered legitimate revivals post apostolic church until the Great Awakening which was ignited by the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was predicated on the ideas of all men being created equal by God, and mankind’s ability to solve problems through reason. This resonated with colonials and slaves alike that were under European tyranny:

Joseph Tracy, the minister, historian, and preacher who gave this religious phenomenon its name in his influential 1842 book The Great Awakening, saw the First Great Awakening as a precursor to the American Revolution. The evangelical movement of the 1740s played a key role in the development of democratic thought, as well as the belief of the free press and the belief that information should be shared and completely unbiased and uncontrolled. [2]

Enlightenment ideas were completely contrary to Reformed thought as exemplified by the Westminster Confession.[3] Most of the Westminster Divines were Puritans. Colonial Puritans believed in slavery according to their extreme European caste mentality, and executed doctrinal detractors. Contra Enlightenment ideas that ignited the Great Awakening can be seen in the present-day New Calvinist movement; for instance, an article written by New Calvinist James MacDonald bearing the title, “Congregational Government is From Satan.”

Nevertheless, Reformed hacks like Jonathan Edwards infiltrated the Great Awakening, and to a large extent hijacked it. The Great Awakening was a revolt against the organized institutional church state, and was a gargantuan human mass of people searching out new ideas. Hence, the thousands who showed up to hear Reformed teachers during that time were not necessarily enthralled by the supposed gatekeepers of the Awakening, but were flocking to hear anyone who had an idea. Edwards et al proceeded to connect the movement to the Reformers of old who were the ones directly responsible for the tyranny that the colonials were experiencing in the first place.

Moreover, the colonial Puritans wasted no time in trying to infiltrate the American Revolution, its founding declarations, and constitution. James Madison fought the infiltration tooth and nail with his Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments.

Unfortunately, the colonial Puritans did succeed in identifying Reformation thought with the Great Awakening. The many denominations and groups that were created by the Awakening usually, and unwittingly, identified themselves as Protestants. As a result, the primary Reformed institutions of learning[4]  were built with money from the children of the Great Awakening who were really the product of Benjamin Franklin’s contra ideology.  Incredibly, and undoubtedly the zenith of historical misrepresentation, those of Reformed thought who hijacked the Great Awakening have been credited with the Abolitionist movement. The Abolitionist movement was nothing more or less than an Enlightenment idea, while the Puritans were the first to bring slaves to the shores of America (ironically, slaves brought many cultic beliefs with them that in part incited the Salem witch trials).[5] The Enlightenment era was directly responsible for the massive conversion of slaves to Christianity shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The ideas of freedom and reason ignited colonial revivalism, not the contra idealism of the Reformation. Franklin was an abolitionist while he was governor of Pennsylvania, and the epicenter of revivalism among the slave population was Philadelphia.

This form of parasitic deception and covert assimilation is a Reformed hallmark. Those of Reformed idealism, historically, do not build anything. The Pilgrims were utterly inept in fending for themselves in the new world. They latch on to what is alive and feed off of it. Their very institution is a historical Ponzi scheme. A contemporary example is the home church movement in America. Because of the fundamentals that came out of the Great Awakening, the American church remained fundamentally Reformed in its overemphasis on justification because sanctification infers human ability. Therefore, per the usual outcome, a mass exodus from the institutional church began in circa 2000. This resulted in the home church movement. According to the Reformed mode of operation, New Calvinism hijacked that movement as well, primarily for self-preservation. This is the motivation for flock groups and “churches” like Apex. However, they are not purely home churches, and are connected to a central institution in order to maintain control.

A proper understanding of church history is the key. Until then, Reformation thought will continue to suck the life blood out of anything that lives in Western church culture.


1. Shmoop Editorial Team. “Religion in The American Revolution” Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. Web. 30 Oct. 2013.

2. Great Awakening.

3. Paul Dohse: Inseparable: The Reformation’s Principles of Persecution and its Gospel; Paul’s Passing Thoughts .com, August 31, 2013.

4. Columbia University (King’s College, 1754, Anglican), Brown University (Rhode Island College, 1764, Baptist), Rutgers (Queens College, 1766, Dutch Reformed), and Dartmouth College (1769, Congregationalist).

5. 1619: Slavery begins in the colonies, as twenty Africans are brought by a Dutch ship to Jamestown for sale as indentured servants. 1664: Maryland makes lifelong servitude for black slaves legally mandatory. Similar laws are later passed in New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas and Virginia. 1667: The Virginia House of Burgesses passes a law that binds blacks to servitude, even if they convert to Christianity.

More Musings on TANC 2014: Somebody Has to Do it

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green-logo3I am swamped with responses from this year’s conference and unfortunately, I can’t respond to all of them. Some people sense that I could use a little cheering up, so thanks for the dog video. Some have offered services, I will get to you at some point, trust me; I don’t forget free stuff. Bless you.

But I was struck by one email that reminds me of why we are here. We are here for those who want to know what is going on in the cognitive dissonance reality created by the Neo-Platonists of our day. Traditionally, for about 500 years now, these Neo-Platonists are otherwise known as “Protestants.”

We are not going to completely upset 500 years of tradition, but it is our intention to be there for people who want to know why church is getting really weird. We want to be there for people who want to learn how the Protestant hierarchy has reinterpreted every aspect of biblical nomenclature that exists. We want to be there for people who are figuring out that Protestantism is nothing more or less than an institutional political organization dressed in Bible verses.

Be sure of this: in the near future, the Neo-Platonists will make a significant move that will bring them closer to closing the gap between church and state. Many conservatives in the Republican Party hold to Calvinistic Dominion/Reconstructionist theology. I believe that a significant move would have already been made by the Neo-Calvinist T4G crowd if the Mahaney scandal hadn’t become public. A new denomination? A political party? I don’t know, but something.

That’s where your money is really going: to help Protestantism go back to its roots, to find the whore that originally gave it birth; the marriage of church and state, the marriage of faith and force, a government that will enforce their orthodoxy. First, and clearly, they tell you that they have the authority to eliminate your just standing (salvation)—Calvin did not mince words on this fact. For those not buying that package, you must be compelled for the sake of the collective. They will not relent on that goal—it’s a control lust that they have never been able to resist.

And fear this: they will side with a Muslim who understands God’s “sovereignty” long before they will side with a half-pregnant grammarian evangelical. In the mass of information that supporters send us, I understand that the Presbyterian Church of America has pulled all of its investments out of Israel in defense of Palestine. Events like this taking place in the church no longer perplex me. In this case, you see the kinship between the Protestant and the Muslim…

…man has no right to exist. We exist at the behest of a god that seeks only the glory that is due him. That’s Plato; that’s Augustine; that’s Luther; that’s Calvin; that’s John Piper et al. And that is all encompassed in the word…

…sovereignty. Much more on that this Sunday: “The Gospel of Sovereignty.”

The direness of the problem was alluded to in the same email:

I don’t know if you ever listen to Janet Mefferd, at, but on her program today, June 26th, she interviewed a Dr. Joel R. Beeke about his new book, “A Puritan Theology.”  It’s a 1,000 page book on the Puritans and he gave a totally different view.  I would love to hear your take on the interview if you are so inclined to listen.

Janet Mefferd represents the mainstream, and Dr. Joel R. Beeke is the contemporary personification of the most radical form of medieval Puritan mysticism. Mefferd is clueless in regard to what she is promoting. And as far as I can tell, no alternatives are being articulated for those who seek something else and love the truth. Again, that’s where we think TANC is important.

Come now, let’s be honest. What’s the difference between this…


And this…


I didn’t ask you which of the two sounds better or looks better; I asked you what the real difference is in the final analysis.