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The Essence of Gnosticism and Why the Proof is NOT in the Pudding

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Gnostic Nation cut

“To emphasize the shadows is to emphasize life itself.” 

There is one proof that today’s church is saturated with Gnosticism, other than the tyranny that comes with it. For the most part, when you listen to any given message taught to Christians, you will notice that a neutral or third option is missing. It’s an either/or worldview. The essence of Gnosticism is known as “dualism.” All knowledge is either good or evil. In the case of Protestantism, it’s Luther’s cross story or glory story: the knowledge of good and evil; sound familiar? All reality falls into two categories only: it’s EITHER about you, OR it’s about the cross.

“_______…is not necessarily a bad thing (fill in the shadow element), it’s just not the best thing.” Yes my friend, why do you emphasize the shadows when it is only the Son that gives life? In Protestantism, “Son.” In Platonism, “Sun.” For both: shadows = life and the material realm. To emphasize the shadows is to emphasize life itself.

Shadows are true. Plato never said that shadows don’t exist—he just deemed them useless for true knowledge. The virtuous person does not live in the shadows, he/she lives according to the true, good, and beautiful aka Plato’s trinity. The shadows, viz, life and whatever may be going on, is irrelevant to the wellbeing experience of the true, good, and beautiful. In the same way, good Protestants are deemed happy regardless of their circumstances; it is well with our soul.

If ISIS raises their flag above the White House—it is well with our soul.

If there is a pedophile in our church—it is well with our soul.

“Justice!” you say? If you want self-justice, you are just as guilty as the one who followed his self-desire. Come now, use this preordained opportunity to be the bigger person, to show forth the cross of self-denial. If you deny yourself justice, you are showing forth the gospel to the one who should have denied himself the fulfillment of his self-desire. We must “bring grace to the situation.” We must, “show forth the gospel.” We must show forth the self-death of the cross.

All of these things are just shadows after all. And to the Gnostic, whether an atheist or a good Protestant, the biggest shadow of all is capitalism. The profound spell of Plato is that he appeals to the social scientist and the religionist alike. Self-concept is the waters of the shadow world that we swim in. To the degree that we empty self and live solely for the sake of community, our individual soul is transformed. To the degree that individuals are transformed, society is transformed. Atheists and Protestants must not fuss; here now, hold hands and say, “ahhhmen.” After all, we all want the same thing: community wellbeing.

One is greatly mistaken if they point to the woes of societies living in the rotten fruits of Eastern mysticism as a contention. Those people are deemed virtuous because they are content in the shadows. If everyone would follow their example, the world would be balanced and the true, good, and beautiful would be manifested. The only reason that countries are poor is because capitalism’s greed takes from some and gives to others, and the earth is therefore unbalanced. The only way to a balanced, unified earth is collective self-death. This is where the liberal Democrat and the Neo-Calvinist both walk in the way of Martin Luther’s cross story.

Hence, the likes of ISIS is an unfortunate example of those who are a bit over-zealous. But they understand the importance of devaluing the life of the individual—they are just a bit extreme in demonstrating that truth. They are misguided, but yea, if only the capitalist understood their child-like faith.

Bad results are no pudding test. Capitalism isn’t the cure, it’s the cause. This is where the contrast between Christ who said, “the poor will always be with you,” and the dominion theology of the Neo-Calvinist and the liberal democrat alike should strike terror in our hearts.



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Paul M. Dohse 23s Capitalism tells people to create their own stuff and leave other people’s stuff alone.

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The D’Souza Doctrine: Is Anti-Capitalism a Violation of the 10th Commandment?

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Dinesh Joseph D’Souza is a political commentator and author who recently produced the movie “America, Imagine the World Without Her.” I saw the movie, and have been viewing YouTube clips of debates he is having with progressives in regard to the movie.

In one particular clip, he worded a theses of the movie in a way that turned on a switch for me, and I have chosen to coin it the D’Souza doctrine. D’Souza acknowledged that American settlers confiscated land from the Indians, who had previously confiscated it from other tribes, but the point is what makes America exceptional (American exceptionalism).

From the cradle of civilization, conquest to obtain the wealth of others was the predominant politic. America was the first nation in human history to focus on wealth creation as an alternative to conquest. Though America’s history originally involved some conquest activity, the primary ideal was wealth creation. This is what makes America exceptional. Progressives attach residual human behavior to the American narrative while ignoring the core ideal that America grows from. This is why freedom and opportunity for minorities in America continues to be a work in progress. What the progressives are doing is accusing America of theft and labeling capitalism as such when the extreme opposite is true. Capitalism tells people to create their own stuff and leave other people’s stuff alone.

And by the way, because we are good at creating wealth, we have a really cool army that will destroy you if you don’t leave us alone. Why didn’t America just take over the whole world after WWII, being the only nation with the A-Bomb? No, instead we rebuilt the nations of our enemies and gave them their land back. Why? The American ideal.

Hence, when you hear someone pontificate on the evils of capitalism, they are really dissing the only alternative that there has ever been to conquest. Moreover, as we shall see, capitalism is the only practical application that opposes a rejection of the 10th commandment: Do not covet your neighbor’s stuff.

But what led the framers of the U.S. Constitution to believe that their free market idea could create abundant wealth? Answer: “We the People.” The framers of the Constitution were children of the Enlightenment era which proffers individualism and individual competence. The European caste that was part of America’s beginning, but not the core idea, migrated south. But, because slaves do not own anything and are robbed of incentive, production and innovation was anemic in the South while the North prospered.

On an individual level, the apostle Paul stated the following:

Ephesians 4:28 – Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

A mentality of covetousness will lead to various and sundry ways of unrightfully taking what others have. Also, Paul’s assumption, generally speaking, is that the individual can not only supply for himself, but have a surplus of which to help others. When the focus is personal wealth creation, the needy are much fewer, but among those able to help. This ideal has made America a strong force for good in the world. Unfortunately, but wisely, America has agreed to be the world’s policeman to protect the historical anomaly known as America.

And let us not forget, the serpent beguiled Eve into coveting something that belonged to God. Adam and Eve were allowed to have all other trees in the garden but the one, and were to “be fruitful and multiply.”  I am not saying that anti-capitalism is the essence of all sin, but covetousness nevertheless is an applicable point here, and covetousness is the antithesis of capitalism. That’s how sin began, and note carefully how the world as we know it will indeed end:

Ezekiel 38: 10 – “Thus says the Lord God: On that day, thoughts will come into your mind, and you will devise an evil scheme 11 and say, ‘I will go up against the land of unwalled villages. I will fall upon the quiet people who dwell securely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having no bars or gates,’ 12 to seize spoil and carry off plunder, to turn your hand against the waste places that are now inhabited, and the people who were gathered from the nations, who have acquired livestock and goods, who dwell at the center of the earth.13 Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all its leaders will say to you, ‘Have you come to seize spoil? Have you assembled your hosts to carry off plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to seize great spoil?’

The Bible is clear on this point: Armageddon will be sparked by an all out invasion on Israel, and underneath all of the ideological posturing will be the real catalyst for the invasion; to take a plunder…to go and get Israel’s stuff. Israel: that would be the only democracy in the Middle East.

A theme that we constantly hear among the Neo-Calvinists of our day is, “God owns everything, what you have belongs to God, it’s not yours to do with according to your own wants.” But wait a minute, the metaphysical math doesn’t end there. They also say that Reformed elders rule on behalf of God, they “stand in the stead.” They are the succession of Christ, the prophets, and the apostles. Let me interpret that for you…

your stuff really belongs to them. No? Really? Let me remind you that bringing people up on church discipline in Reformed churches for not tithing is now an epidemic. Give them your stuff, or lose your salvation. The institutional church was born in the slough of medieval European socialism and remains there today. The “tithe” has been a Protestant mainstay from the beginning and is nothing more or less than an institutional tax collected on behalf of God. And lest we forget, it is not only the tithe, but “tithes AND offerings.” Ahhmen.

The enemies of the American ideal, a free market driven by individual competence, must destroy from within, and that necessarily requires a false narrative. It is metaphysical caste guided by elitist epistemology resulting in an ethic applied politically by force. The American ideal takes power from the elitists who think they should rule over the great unwashed masses. The progressives tell us that we are unable, that Benjamin Franklin et al perpetrated a most dangerous idea on mankind, that all men are created equal. To a progressive, this is like letting a child play with a loaded gun.

They offer us a solution: let them take care of us while they plunder on our behalf; it’s called wealth redistribution. Yes, a return to the good old medieval days when the the elitists lived in splendor while everyone else lived in “fairness”; i.e., equal squalor. Their wealth is always their just reward for bringing fairness to the masses and eliminating the evils of GREED.

This is why the D’Souza doctrine is also important to Christians. Once again, we see the church trying to reunite with European socialist whoredom. The elder statesman of the Neo-Calvinist movement, John Piper, made it a point to travel to Geneva and announce their agenda; viz, to spread the “light” of Calvin’s total depravity of man doctrine throughout the whole world. We are seeing how this all plays out within the American Neo-Calvinist movement.

In the final analysis, greed will always be a part of man’s fabric, and the poor will always be with us, but American exceptionalism gives us the freedom to be the victim of greed via others or ourselves. Or not. The only alternative is a greedy existence by the end of a gun or the end of a sword. And unfortunately, progressives ALWAYS underestimate the individual principle of “give me liberty or give me death.” Mankind is wired to be free, and progressives will NEVER understand that.

If you learn anything from the 10th commandment, learn this: nothing is for free, and freedom will always cost us dearly because of the progressives. If the war of ideas is lost to the progressives, the shooting will eventually begin, and the D’Souza doctrine is one of the more important weapons of late in that war.


Capitalism is Next to Godliness

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The overall wellbeing of the world matters to God. He is not indifferent to injustice whether among the lost or the saved. He allows it to rain and shine on both. God does not disdain His creation though fallen.

Christ told the following parable:

Luke 10:30 – Jesus replied, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell among robbers, who stripped him and beat him and departed, leaving him half dead. 31 Now by chance a priest was going down that road, and when he saw him he passed by on the other side. 32 So likewise a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he journeyed, came to where he was, and when he saw him, he had compassion. 34 He went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he set him on his own animal and brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 And the next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper, saying, ‘Take care of him, and whatever more you spend, I will repay you when I come back.’ 36 Which of these three, do you think, proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers?” 37 He said, “The one who showed him mercy.” And Jesus said to him, “You go, and do likewise.”

Notice that Jesus doesn’t make an issue of whether or not the victim was a Christian or not. God is concerned with what happens in the world. Certainly, salvation is of the paramount concern, but not to the exclusion of every other reality. Jesus called that “compassion.” I argue that the closer people are to a truly biblical worldview, the better off they are overall. And, no circumstance good or bad has the market cornered on leading people to Christ. The gospel is not benefited by the world being in misery.

The fact is, man was born free, capable, and responsible. He was born to work, accomplish, and overcome. If he was a fish, these are the waters that he swims in. God is not indifferent to the state of humanity in North Korea versus America, and Christians should be concerned likewise. Politics is important. Consider the following:

Proverbs 31:11 – The heart of her husband hath trusted in her, And spoil he lacketh not. 12 She hath done him good, and not evil, All days of her life. 13 She hath sought wool and flax, And with delight she worketh [with] her hands. 14 She hath been as ships of the merchant, From afar she bringeth in her bread. 15 Yea, she riseth while yet night, And giveth food to her household, And a portion to her damsels. 16 She hath considered a field, and taketh it, From the fruit of her hands she hath planted a vineyard. 17 She hath girded with might her loins, And doth strengthen her arms. 18 She hath perceived when her merchandise [is] good, Her lamp is not extinguished in the night. 19 Her hands she hath sent forth on a spindle, And her hands have held a distaff. 20 Her hand she hath spread forth to the poor, Yea, her hands she sent forth to the needy. 21 She is not afraid of her household from snow, For all her household are clothed [with] scarlet. 22 Ornamental coverings she hath made for herself, Silk and purple [are] her clothing. 23 Known in the gates is her husband, In his sitting with elders of the land. 24 Linen garments she hath made, and selleth, And a girdle she hath given to the merchant. 25 Strength and honour [are] her clothing, And she rejoiceth at a latter day. 26 Her mouth she hath opened in wisdom, And the law of kindness [is] on her tongue. 27 She [is] watching the ways of her household, And bread of sloth she eateth not. 28 Her sons have risen up, and pronounce her happy, Her husband, and he praiseth her, 29 `Many [are] the daughters who have done worthily, Thou hast gone up above them all.’ 30 The grace [is] false, and the beauty [is] vain, A woman fearing Jehovah, she may boast herself. 31 Give ye to her of the fruit of her hands, And her works do praise her in the gates! (YLT).

In these verses, a free market is assumed; earned self-esteem is assumed, the ability of all to do good is assumed, and truthful/rightful recognition is assumed.

And the folly of worm theology is also assumed.


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