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The Church Lie and the Biblical Alternative

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 4, 2018

Updated CoverIn considering the many lies that make up the one big lie that is church, we now consider the lie that Catholicism is at odds with Protestantism. Both advocate an ongoing need for salvation by church as an additional mediator other than Christ. Both advocate their authority to forgive sin on earth by God’s proxy. Both claim to judge one’s salvation on God’s behalf. Both dole out salvation on an installment plan through “sacraments.” This is the reapplication of Christ’s death for “present sin” that can only be ministered by “lawful ministers of the gospel” within the church.

Protestants renamed these sacraments as “ordnances” and the “means of grace.” Mainline leaders of Protestantism like RC Sproul say that hard work in remaining faithful to the “means of grace” isn’t really a work while effort at obeying the law is a work. Without launching into a major doctrinal treatise on this point, suffice to say it is a rejection of how the biblical new birth changes the believer’s relationship to the law, viz, faith working through love rather than works justification under the law of sin and death. It’s the Galatian problem where traditions of men fulfill the law rather than love fulfilling the law.

Hence, in this single perspective on the law, the law can only condemn, so the church makes up its own system of works that are “by God’s grace” or grace works that are supposedly not works. So, when we work hard at church stuff, or “do church” faithfully, Christ fulfills the law FOR US. This is often couched in terms like, “Christ working through us.”

In contrast, the new birth cancels the one law that condemns by putting the old man to death with Christ and resurrects the new man who now serves the new law of Christ. This is a onetime final event. It’s the same law, but its ability to condemn has been vanquished, and “where there is no law there is no sin.” Consequences for sin (failure to love) are now a family matter and not a matter of remaining under the “law of sin and death.” Simply stated, the church totally misses the point of Romans 8:2 and its relationship to the new birth. But is this deliberate? After all, if the biblical new birth is true, what do we really need church for?

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  1. John said, on July 4, 2018 at 3:54 PM

    The “Christ working through me” church adage irks me to no end. When God created the heavens and the earth (the whole darn universe) through Jesus, where were we? So, why would He work “through” us now? No, we work/love, etc., because He lives in us now. We are not puppets; no one is pulling our strings. There are no strings. When they say Christ is working through them, it sounds very mystical and New Age to me…like channeling of some sorts.


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