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Exodus to Freedom: TANC 2017

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on August 12, 2017

1111-2-001The TANC yearly conference is an online event streaming from the Potter’s House in Xenia, Ohio. However, we also encourage onsite participation to support the speakers, fellowship, and discuss topics. In regard to our out of town friends, there are still rooms left at the Potter’s House on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested, email us at Please let us know by August 21st.

As the only known ministry pointing out the elementary error that makes Protestant evangelicalism a house of cards, we believe it is extremely important to have this conference yearly to show our dedication to this truth. Simply stated, the foundation of the Protestant tradition and its brick and mortar churches is predicated on justification by the law while proclaiming “justification by faith.”

But faith in what? Jesus alone, or Jesus’ ability to obey the law perfectly instead of establishing the real foundation of justification, the new birth? The Protestant evangelical tradition represents everything the apostle Paul stood against; justification by the law. Who keeps it is irrelevant; there is no law that can give life even if someone did keep it perfectly. Jesus kept the law perfectly by virtue of who He is, not for the purpose of gaining righteousness to impute to others. Righteousness is obtained by imputation of the new birth, not perfect law keeping.

If perfect law keeping is the standard for righteousness, no one can be righteous, and hence, righteousness is not a state of being obtained by the new birth, but only a “legal declaration.” Moreover, by virtue of stated orthodoxy, no so-called Christian can really love others in a way that pleases God because such love would fall short of perfect law keeping. Therefore, by virtue of stated orthodoxy, there can be no real love in the church, and we think that is entirely evident.

This conference is about an exodus to real love. Evangelical scholars think their efforts to dumb down Protestants and intimidate them with expertism has worked, and therefore, all they need to do is wait for us to fade away into time. These yearly conferences remind everyone that we are not going away. If we stay the course, this simple theological math that is presently gaining understanding will continue to grow; we are made just by the new birth, not perfect law keeping.

Certainly, we are not the first ones who have recognized this truth, that is, justification by new birth APART from the law, but we believe that Protestantism has been able to overcome those who proclaim this truth by simply ignoring them as those truthbearers would not have had the media resources to keep their message alive. But this is the information age, and along with it, the folly of expertism has been exposed. The laity is beginning to take back its assembly of those who fellowship together with the Trinity as a literal family and body.

What have I learned in ten years of researching the Protestant Reformation? It is a plenary lie, and its scholars have redefined every biblical word and term. Even phrases and terms factually true on their face are defined differently in every case by Protestant orthodoxy. Protestantism stands as the paramount propagator of contradiction, anti-reason, and cognitive dissonance in all of human history. While claiming to be the voice of reason and logic among all religions, no religion claims to be the opposite of what it is more. This gives Protestantism the dubious distinction of being the epic religion of doublespeak for the ages.

This brings me to the main thrust of my 2017 presentation. I will first explain how Protestantism continued the Dark Age with a different twist, and what needs to be done about it. I will then discuss 35 words/terms that Protestantism has redefined. When Protestant orthodoxy makes use of the term, “new birth,” how is that term really defined by its doctrine?

See you at TANC 2017, the 6th annual conference discussing gospel discernment and spiritual tyranny.

Because only truth sanctifies (John 17:17),
Paul M. Dohse

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  1. John said, on August 12, 2017 at 10:27 AM

    Protestantism = Something your neighbor’s filthy dog has left for you on your lawn in the night; that nasty surprise that you’ve stepped in. The matter goes into the grooves of boots, doesn’t it? And then it stays there, huh? Stinking up the neighborhood. Ah, but eventually it disappears after many washes and scrubs. That is Protestantism. It WILL disappear. Its anti-Biblical clothes have been dealt a huge blow by the availability of information.
    May your conference blow this evil thing even further out of the water.


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