Paul's Passing Thoughts

Destroying Eve-il is a Reformed Family Tradition: Today Danvers, Tomorrow the Gallows

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 18, 2013

Paul's Passing Thoughts

Great pizza party last night with an author who is writing a sci-fi novel. As I sat and listened to him share his shocking  plot designed to invoke terror in his future readers, my recent research for “Reformation Myth” (due to be published in January 2013) made the chilling plot seem mundane in comparison to sexy witches being hung, burned, and impaled with images of Mary fitted with large spikes.

On the one hand, the Reformers were supposedly brilliant for recognizing Plato’s theory that pure truth and beauty is immutable, while on the other hand, their brutality was merely the “mentality of the age.” It is also understandable why Reformed folks are so big on, “all truth is God’s truth” because the Catholic church had a lot of ideas that the Reformers thought were pretty cool; specifically, that because of Eve, women in general are predisposed to evil, or Eveil.

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