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New Calvinist Leaders Now Worshipping Each Other—Dead or Alive

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 7, 2011

I know I start a lot of articles this way, but I can’t say it enough: foul doctrine yields bad results. Before I get to the information that prompted this post (sent by a reader), what do I mean by “New Calvinism”? NC is a massive movement (supposedly a new reformation) sweeping across the world like a giant tsunami. It encompasses Sonship Theology, Gospel Sanctification, New Covenant Theology, Christian Hedonism, Redemptive Historical Hermeneutics, and Heart Theology. The movement has totally rewritten orthodox Christianity, and soon (if not already the case), considering seminary graduates for ministry in the local church will be a prohibitive risk. Dumbed-down congregants by the masses are ever-waiting with bated breath for the next profound unction to proceed from the mouths of New Calvinist gods. John Piper, who often writes and says outrageously unorthodox things—has over 300,000 followers on Twitter. One wonders if Christianity has ever been inflicted with such a large percentage of koolaholics, as others stand aghast and bewildered regarding the growth of this movement.

The leaders of this movement realize more and more that they can get away with saying and doing anything, and at times seem to be amused themselves at what they get a pass on. Hence, they now worship each other openly—dead or alive. Recently, a group of New Calvinist leaders wrote a book of essays for the purpose of praising John Piper. One of the authors that contributed to the book was none other than John MacArthur Jr. He also wrote a glowing forward in a book written by Piper that was full of outlandish statements.  The essay book was presented to Piper at a conference (as a surprise) by his fawning protégé, Justin Taylor. Yes, they wanted to sing his praises—apparently for his great service to Christianity in developing a theology called “Christian Hedonism.”  No, it isn’t a dream.

So then, no surprise that Chad Bresson, radio personality and elder at Clearcreek Chapel (a well known and respected church in the NC network), held a tribute to Geerhardus Vos at his grave. Geerhardus Vos is the supposed father of Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutics, a tenet of New Calvinism. But not really, the hermeneutic was developed by a liberal theologian in the eighteenth century—Vos supposedly redeveloped the hermeneutic and took it in a more conservative direction. He developed the hermeneutic into the very orthodox sounding name of “Biblical Theology” which is anything but. “Biblical Theology” was the theme of this year’s Gospel Coalition convention. Per the usual deception of the movement, the term “Redemptive-Historical” was rarely used, if at all because “Biblical Theology” sounds, well, “biblical.”

Bresson brazenly posted photographs of the tribute on his FaceBook page, but why not? After all—who’s going to call him on it? The photograph below shows Bresson reading writings by Vos graveside. One of the comments on his FB page in reference to the pictures said the following: “Standing in the midst of the obvious decay that is the hallmark of the already, speaks of the inbreaking ‘not yet’ through lumped throat and wet eyes.” Creepy, no?

Though I would be amiss not to mention the contrast between this behavior from New Calvinist gods and their supposedly everything Jesus theology, the fact of the matter is, they get a pass on all their hypocrisy, contradictions, and doublespeak as well. As Bresson has written or said on many occasions, he has a major problem with the belief that there is a future for national Israel because that’s eclipsing Christ with a sliver of geography. Apparently, it’s alright to do that if one of the gods of New Calvinism is under the sliver.


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  1. Bill said, on May 9, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    These people feed on each other rather than Jesus Christ. The New Calvinism is like a disease that people contract and give to each other. It’s easy to tell that they did not get the information from Scripture. Whatever one of the group leader’s says seems to take priority over what Jesus and the Bible says. You litterally have to IGNORE the Bible in order to go along with this stuff! Is New Calvinism real love for God? “This is love for God: to obey His commands (1Jn 5:3).” In other words, a ministry that does not teach obedience to God with a goal of being like Christ is a ministry without love for God! Can this faith save? Will “faith alone” and no love for God save? These guys are stopping up their ears to the 1st Commandment. That’s why they have nothing to do with Calvinism or the Bible.

    Arkansas Bill


    • pauldohse said, on May 9, 2011 at 9:29 PM

      Bill, Though I am continually, and lovingly encouraged by some to stay away from the “antinomian” angle–it really looks like to me that it boils down to that.The point of publishing these pieces is an attempt to show what fills the void when truth is not being taught.


      > —–Original Message—– >


  2. Bill said, on May 11, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    It is antinomianism by implication, in my experience. Of course, they never say “we are officially antinomian.” Sneeky fellows that they are. If I’m not mistaken, Justification by Faith Alone as taught by most Reformed churches does not free us from good works. Working for God is a very necessary part of the Salvation Model. The Good News of the Gospel, if truly believed, is something that has impact on our lives. Love has expression etc.. With GS/Sonship, it appears that works are nearly useless, certainly not presented as a necessity. I hear plenty of Gospel from them, but I never hear the second half of the Great Commission: “teaching them TO OBEY everything I have commanded you.” Can someone correct me? Am I making this up?

    The GS/Sonship group has some in common with Charles Stanley, Charles Ryrie, Lewis Sperry Chafer, and Zane Hodges who are on the bad side of the Lordship Salvation Controversey. However, in Charles Stanley’s book, ETERNAL SECURITY (1990 Thomas Nelson), he plainly states what he believes! He thinks insisting on works, as part of the salvation model, is condemned by the Apostle Paul. Faith alone, minus works (Jesus can be Savior and not Lord), and you will be saved. Stanley even goes further by teaching that faith can later be rejected, but the person will be saved anyway! Basically, he reasons that if works and maintaining faith are necessary, then salvation is not a gift. Sadly, like GS/Sonship, this is false testimony about the Word of God.

    Surprisingly, in contrast to GS/Sonship, Charles Stanely and the others preach plenty about works and obedience! The reason for it is given in the ETERNAL SECURITY book where heaven is presented as a place of huge contrasts for the saints. People of no works will be always “suffering loss,” in “outer darkness,” of “weeping and nashing of teeth.” Stanley claims there is no pain (like purgatory?), but it doesn’t sound much better. It’s definately something to be dreaded because the identity/position sticks forever. Amazingly, these guys have a huge following. Stanely’s church is one of the “Megas.” People are throwing big money into this stuff!

    It’s a strange world out there. Someone is always spinning out a new tale. They live among us. Everybody be careful.

    Arkansas Bill


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